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Saturday, January 26, 2013

'By thy red ink gently flowing, Illinois, Illinois....'

Illinois- my home state, and also that of President Obamapoulous-  now has the worst credit rating of any in the nation.

I think it's way past time the Land of Lincoln got rid of its feckless governor, Pat Quinn. He started his political career by messing up a unique and practical way of electing the state House of Representatives, and he's been messing up ever since.

Blue state, red ink. No surprise here.

HT: Drudge

ADDENDUM: The title for this post got me thinking. Maybe we need some new words for Illinois' state song:

By thy red ink gently flowing,
Illinois, Illinois
And thy deficits still growing,
Illlinois, Illinois,
It's a scandal, it's a sin,
What an awful shape you're in,
'Cause your governor's Pat Quinn,
Illinois, Illinois,
'Cause your governor's Pat Quinn,

Your past decade's sad, sad story,
Illinois, Illinois,
Smells of anything but glory,
Illinois, Illinois
With Obama such a "FAIL,"
And his Senate seat for sale,
And two governors in jail,*
Illinois, Illinois,
And two governors in jail,

*Possibly a national record for governors serving concurrently. Serving time, granted. But still..

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