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Friday, January 25, 2013

That heretical inauguration prayer

Rev. Louie Giglio wasn't kosher enough to deliver the invocation at President Obamapoulous's recent inauguration because he once preached a sermon faithfully presenting what the Bible says in both Testaments and every stratum on the subject of homosexuality.

The piece of heresy by Myrlie  Evers-Williams which replaced Rev. Giglio's prayer, on the other hand, passed Administration muster. Here's a thoughtful article on the several things which made it impossible for any faithful Christian to pray along with Ms. Evers-Williams.

Idolatry (we really shouldn't pray to America), universalism and post-modernism aren't cool. But for that matter, neither is civil religion- which is at best a violation of the First Amendment in that one particular (orthodox) faith generates prayer to the Holy Trinity under government auspices (thereby violating the rights of unbelievers), and at worst- and almost inevitably this is the case- violates the First Amendment by giving preferential status to the shallow, bland, Too-Whom-It-May-Concern who is the presiding idol of American civil religion.

HT: Real Clear Religion

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