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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Current Cardinal conclave cred

Angelo Cardinal Scola, the archbishop of Milan,  has moved into the favorite's position in Paddy Power's papal pool  at 7-2. He is 73 years old.

Peter Cardinal Turkson, 64, of Ghana and Marc Cardinal Ouellet, 68, of Canada are next at 4-1. Tarciso Cardinal Bertone, the Camerlengo and Cardinal Secretary of State, has moved up to fourth at 5-1. Cardinal Bertone is 79. 63-year old Odilo Cardinal Scherer of Brazil is next at 8-1.

Paddy Power continues to list "Peter" as even money to be name chosen by the next pope, fulfilling the alleged prophesy of St. Malachy. Pius at 4-1 and John Paul at 5-1 follow.

Current odds are 2-1 that the conclave will last only one day.

ADDENDUM: A little conclave humor: Paddy Power lists the odds of Richard Dawkins being elected pope at 666-1.

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