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Plurality says we're not spending enough on national security

According to a new Rasmussen poll, 43% of the American people- a new high- think we don't spend enough on national security.

23% say we spend too much, and 30% think the amount we spend is about right.

That still makes 53% that are essentially clueless on the subject, which should gratify disciples of Barack Obama, Rand Paul, and Pat Buchanan. But the American people are catching on. The percentage who think we should be spending more is up seven points from last month.

38% approve of the job Mr. Obama is doing on national security. 41% rate his performance as "poor."

Move over, Buck Rogers!

Although it was never fully deployed, the F-22 Raptor is the next step above an "air superiority fighter." It is an "air supremacy fighter." Nothing can exist in the skies it patrols without its permission. That includes things on the other side of the horizon.

Here's a Lockheed-Martin sketch of the plane that may replace it in the circa 2030 era. Its offensive weaponry will not be limited to missiles and conventional guns.

It will also include lasers.


Hopefully we'll decide to fully deploy this one when the time comes.

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Ex-fighter pilots: Reconsider cuts

A group of retired fighter pilots have written to Congress warning that the administration's planned military cutbacks will come at a heavy cost: American fighter supremacy.

Here in Des Moines, the Air Force Reserve F-16 squadron which has been seen so often over the South Side since 9/11 will apparently be retired- as will the F-16 itself (right).

The F-16 is a standard fighter in the air forces of the free world, from Israel to Holland. It will be replaced in the near future by the F-35 joint strike fighter, but that is years away.

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Bad idea, worse timing

Senate Defense Committee chair Carl Levin (D-Mich) predicts "painful cuts" in the defense budget.

The prediction comes at precisely the moment when the U.S. military has been thrown into a virtual panic mode by intelligence of a sophisticated new Chinese long-range aircraft carrier kill system against which we have no defense.

This is not a good idea. "The common defense" is not only one of the few responsibilities the Constitution specifically mandates for the Federal government, but one of the primary tasks of government generally. Practically anything should be trimmed from the budget before the Obama administration undertakes crippling, Clinton-style cuts to the military.

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Another miracle!

Yet again, the United States military has done what the Left has told us for years is utterly impossible: successfully shot down an ICBM with another missile.

It reminds me of the old joke about how it was aerodynamically impossible for bumble bees to fly. But, since comparatively few bumble bees had ever studied aerodynamics, they supposedly didn't know that.

The same apparently applies to the ability of the United States in test after test to do what the liberals tell us cannot be done.