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They who vote for a candidate who is blowing smoke...

...will inherit the wind.

And a nice middle class tax hike.

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We're being played, America

According to the Adminstration's own figures, 75% of the tax increases President Obama is demanding will go, not to deficit reduction, but to new spending!

Suffering from buyer's remorse yet, fellow Americans? Can there be anybody in America naive enough to still expect any substantial action on the deficit from this administration- or from any Democratic administration?

And is there anybody sufficiently blind to think that this is worth risking going over the fiscal cliff for?

And Americans blame the Republicans for the present impasse? Good grief, fellow countrymen. Wake up and smell the baloney!

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Maybe Rand Paul isn't so crazy after all

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Tenn) shares so many of his dad Ron's goofy ideas that I've always been tempted to write him off as merely a slightly less bizarre chip off a very strange block.

But it seems to me that he has exactly the right idea about how Republicans should deal with the current fiscal impasse: use ju jitsu on President Obama and the Democrats. Give them all the taxes they want in a huge display of bipartisanship and cooperation- and then let them own it come election time.

Maybe the way to get the electorate's attention is to allow them to experience what we've been warning them about.

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CBO stats: the One Percent are getting taken to the cleaners by the tax man as it is!

The Congressional Budget Office came up today with some interesting statistics which should help us evaluate all the wailing on the Left (including the Obama administration) about how the wealthiest Americans aren't paying their fair share, and the one per cent verses the 99%, yada, yada, yada.

Consider: Between 2007 and 2009- the last years for which statistics are available- the bottom 20% in income paid just three tenths of one percent of the total tax burden.

The richest 20% paid 67.9%. Sure sounds like more than their fair share to me.

The favorite targets of both President Obama and the Occupy Movement- the top one percent in income- earned 13.4% of all pre-tax income, but paid 22.3 percent of all taxes in 2009.

True, the percentage of the tax burden borne by the very rich is falling. But it's not falling at the expense of the middle class, but of the somewhat less wealthy- those who are merely in the top 60th percent to 99th percent of earnings.

So you were saying, Mr. President?

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He feels their pain, I guess

President Obama's plan to increase taxes on the "wealthy" has a rather surprising critic: Bill Clinton.

NRSC Tax Day ad

A taste of their own medicine

If it's any comfort to you (it isn't to me), most members of Congress find the tax code so complicated that they, too, hire somebody else to do their returns.

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