Republicans are as clueless when it comes to Jeb's positions as they are for RINO Trump's

Rasmussen reports that Republican voters question whether Jeb Bush agrees more with them or with Hillary Clinton.

Which is absolutely nuts. It's nearly as irrational, in fact, as their support for the real RINO, Donald Trump- who favors a single-payer healthcare system, opposes free trade, and is only a fairly recent convert to conservative positions on abortion, marriage redefinition, and other social issues.

In 2012, many Republicans balked at Mitt Romney, whose credentials were a lot better than Trump's are now. But for Republicans to question the credentials of a former governor with a record as conservative as Jeb's, and who (with the exception of his position on Common Core and some aspects of immigration) is in fact as conservative as they come on the issues is crazy. To suggest that he agrees more with Hillary than with GOP orthodoxy is beyond crazy. It's stark, raving mad.

I really have to wonder whether Republican voters have the slightest idea where Jeb or Trump or the other candidates stand on the issues. In a way, that's understandable; it's early, after all. But how in the world has such an absolutely loony conception of Jeb Bush gotten traction? The only thing I can figure is that the over-the-top rhetoric of some of the most extreme of the party's wing nuts has somehow created a bizarrely distorted picture of Jeb in the minds of those who don't know any better.

One can only hope that Republicans are paying close enough attention that they can perceive the obvious and change their minds.