A brief briefing for would-be Trump voters

It is my contention- and always has been- that in order to support Donald Trump for president it is necessary to be almost completely ignorant about his history, his personality, and his political past. Especially if you're a conservative, the guy is a disaster. But no thinking American could possibly want a guy like the Trumpmeister in the White House.

Come the Fall campaign, the Democratic attack machine will make it absolutely clear to the American people who Donald Trump really is. But by then it will be too late. Trump supporters need to wake up and smell the crazy NOW.

Leaving aside his general ignorance about the substance of policy, the fact that he admits getting his national security advice from Sunday morning TV programs, his religious hypocrisy and his megalomania, this quote from the National Review Corner gives a sample of the stuff those gullible Trump supporters don't realize about their hero.

Does this mean Donald Trump’s standing is illusory? No, his lead has remained steady for six months. But to believe that he will be the nominee you must believe that Republican voters from Iowa to Pennsylvania to California to Michigan will choose as their standard-bearer someone who has favored single-payer health care, racial preferences, a ban on “assault” weapons, drug legalization, abortion, and eminent domain (oh, does he favor eminent domain), and who invited Hillary Clinton to his wedding (one of them). You must convince yourself that Republicans will choose a man who opposes entitlement reform, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, free trade, and elementary good manners. Above all, Republicans would be choosing someone whose policy proposals are essentially barroom blurts. 

Trump is unthinkable. Unless the Republican electorate is literally nuts, this is looking more and more like a contest between Rubio and Cruz.

It's still a fight for the soul of the Republican party, though. And if it turns out that way, it's a fight Rubio must win.


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