It's getting harder and harder to deny: the Republican rank-and-file have joined the Democrats in Cloud Cuckoo Land

The Republican party is psychotic.

There is simply no other explanation for a scenario in which 65% of Republicans can imagine themselves supporting Donald Trump while only 45% can imagine themselves supporting Jeb Bush.

Bush is one of the most conservative candidates to seek the party's nomination in years. To describe him as a "RINO" is to give evidence of a total loss of contact with reality. Yet candidates like Ron and Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and Trump- candidates who have little if anything in common with traditional Republican positions and values- somehow are seen as their exemplars.

Only one conclusion seems possible: the Republican party has lost its identity and is having the collective equivalent of a psychotic break.

I still refuse to believe that average Republican voters are stupid enough or have enough darkness in their hearts to actually choose Trump as the party's nominee. Trump is the anti-Lincoln. His nomination would morally soil the Republican brand for all time- and if it happens, the label "Republican" is one I myself cannot imagine myself ever wearing or even condoning again.

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