A self-inflicted wound by a culture in steep decline

We're in a mess, folks.

We're facing what may be the most crucial election in the nation's history and our culture- not the system- is so broken that it seems to be in the process of throwing up (and I use the term advisedly) a radical for the Democrats and an unqualified narcissist for the Republicans.

You can't blame this on the system. We are doing this to ourselves. I have a great deal more respect personally for Sanders than I do for Trump, but in a healthy America neither one of these guys could get into the White House on a guided tour.

Remember, we're doing this to ourselves. In different ways, these guys are both, in Jeb Bush's phrase, "chaos candidates." If we elect or even nominate either one of them, we as a nation will deserve everything we get.

Oh. And one more thing: if Trump is nominated, don't any of you who supported the bozo even dare open your mouth to complain about what President Rodham Clinton is doing to the nation and to you personally.


Make no mistake: the candidacies of Trump and Sanders are symptoms of a desperate national illness. May what seems to be at least a temporary inability to intelligently govern ourselves prove not to be terminal.

Caricatures by DonkeyHotey


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