Intelligence services, not just Clinton and Obama, need scrutiny in Emailgate

President Obama would have us believe that he never noticed when he sent eighteen emails to Hillary Clinton at "" rather than "" But it goes beyond that.

Remember, 22 of the emails the former Secretary of State received on her unsecured server were classified "Top Secret" or above. It would seem that some folks at some of the intelligence services have some 'splain' to do, as Desi Arnez might have put it.

Can it be that people who deal in classified material on a routine basis could fail so consistently to notice something so glaringly obvious as an email address?

Apparently so. There's no reason to suspect anything more sinister than negligence. But one reason why the scandal can't be allowed to be swept under the rug for partisan political reasons is that it reaches much farther than sloppy business on the part of a secretary of state and a president, as serious as that is in itself.

This involves people at the very highest levels of our intelligence services. there are people (besides Barack Obama) who handle sensitive secrets every day who apparently didn't look at the email address to which they were sending sensitive material that could impact our national security. And there are people who could not have failed to notice that an unsecured email server was communicating on sensitive matters with their underlings.

We can't afford for this not to be addressed.

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