Just so.

Aaron Goldstein has a wonderful article in the American Spectator articulating beautifully the conclusion I came to in the weeks leading up to the Iowa caucuses: that neither Donald Trump nor Ted Cruz can or should be president- but that Marco Rubio both can and should.

Goldstein spells out with crystal clarity why Rubio is exactly what the Republican party and America need right now. The candidate Hillary Clinton and the Democrats fear the most is a real, decent, articulate man who connects with people and speaks sense to them in terms they can understand. If the Republican party is smart, it will recognize that it has struck gold in Rubio, and not settle for dross.

A Christian who can talk about his faith without seeming threatening or sanctimonious, a leader to can inspire without making people foam at the mouth, a public figure who can summon what Lincoln called "the better angels of our nature" with a message of hope and optimism at a time when so many are angry and discouraged is a precious asset. As I listened to his Caucus Night statement at the Marriott Monday, it struck me that I was looking at a Republican version of John F. Kennedy- the good Kennedy, the public Kennedy, the Kennedy that inspired us, not the considerably less attractive Kennedy who lurked out of public sight. Rubio's transparency and apparent genuineness impart a quality even JFK lacked.

He's the kind of leader who is capable of inspiring a generation. But first things first: unlike either Trump or Cruz, he's the kind of candidate who can win a presidential election. And this is an election that must be won.

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