Cultural rot

Whenever I'm sitting alone in a public place, and my mind wanders, I find myself keeping track of the rough percentage the "F-word" comprises of the words spoken by those around me. It's usually rather significant.

Numbing crudity, brain-dead post-modernism, moral relativism and the general and unprecedented ignorance in our society about things which were common knowledge only a generation or two ago  are only symptoms of the same root cause which threw up Donald Trump this election cycle- or rather, has given us Donald Trump and caused many of us to throw up, repeatedly and enthusiastically.

Cultural rot. Abortion on demand. Interspecies marriage. What gender to I want to "identify with" today? What!? You disagree with me?! Why. I'm going to cry!  that's a MICROAGGRESSION (sob!)! I'm offended! Somebody call a cop!

Andrew McCarthy over at the National Review is right. The stupid and mindless phenomenon of Donald Trump is merely a symptom of the cancer that is killing our culture.

Well, that and Mr. McCarthy's New York Mets, And the St Louis Cardinals, too.


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