Is Trump about cultural change?

While we wait for Missouri to make up its mind whether Trump or Cruz will gain a largely symbolic victory in a state in which they'll split the delegates, it's worth considering this article about the whole phenomenon of Trump.

It makes a potent case that the economic anxiety often used as an explanation for this bizarre aberration in our national history isn't the real explanation.

It's the culture.

Interestingly, it seems that Trump does worse among voters who are worried about the economy.

If the article is right, Trump is really about what people perceive- rightly, I believe- as cultural decline. The question, of course, is why people choose to express that anxiety by supporting a cultural liberal who is in every important way the perfect example of everything Trump voters are supposed to be angry about.

To explain something is not to say that it's rational. And there is nothing rational about either Donald Trump's candidacy or the decision of so many Americans to support him.


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