Not that it will do any good...

... but on this Super Tuesday, I thought I'd share what the polls say about hypothetical matchups between Hillary and Donald Trump on one hand, and between Hillary and Marco Rubio on the other.

First, Hillary and Trump:
CNN/ORC: Clinton 52%, Trump 44%
Fox News: Clinton 47%, Trump 42%
USA Today/Suffolk: Trump 45%, Clinton 43%
Quinnipiac: Clinton 44%, Trump 43%

AVERAGE: Clinton 46.5%, Trump 43.5%
And now, Hillary and Rubio:
CNN/ORC: Rubio 50%, Clinton 47%
Fox News: Rubio 48%, Clinton 44%
USA Today/Suffolk: Rubio 48%, Clinton 42%
Quinnipiac: Rubio 48%, Clinton 41%

AVERAGE: Rubio 48.5%, Clinton 43.5%
To recap, Clinton beats Trump by an average of three points, whereas Rubio beats Clinton by an average of five points.

To complete the portrait, Cruz beats Clinton by an average of one point, and Kasich beats Clinton by an average of not quite seven and a half points.

So guess who the Republicans are going to run against Hillary.


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