Rubio is embarrassed by descending to Trump's level. Trump is incapable of embarrassment.

Marco Rubio says that he regrets having sunk to Donald Trump's level in this campaign.

Well, I don't know what else he could have done. When the electorate doesn't respond to logic and common sense and buys into the abuse and nonsense dished out by a crude bully, you have to do something. Narcissists can't handle ridicule, and Donald Trump is a classic narcissist. If the electorate was immune to reason, exposing Trump for what he is was all that was left.

But Sen. Rubio says that he embarrassed his children and that he's embarrassed himself. That might be a good epitaph on the Rubio campaign, in a strange sort of way: "He was capable of being embarrassed."

Sen. Rubio is a decent man who is indeed capable of being embarrassed. And Donald Trump is not a decent man, and he is not capable of being embarrassed. And so, he embarrasses us all- and will continue to do so.

God willing, in another year, when Americans are more concerned with selecting a president than with throwing a tantrum, Marco Rubio will yet have his hour. And God willing, we won't have to listen to Donald Trump bragging and lying and calling people names for much longer.

Photo by Mark AJ