Yes, free people DO have a right to oppose "the will of the majority!"

Gene Veith speaks eloquently on the line which, which- though I still don't believe they'll cross it- the American people are approaching with the possible nomination of Donald Trump for the presidency.

As he points out, free societies which stop being free usually do so by freely choosing to be led by authoritarians like Trump, who has made no secret of his desire to limit the First Amendment and who- like many of his followers- makes it a habit to threaten people who disagree with him or whom he doesn't like. And as Prof. Veith points out, this is the guy who, if elected, will be appointing our Supreme Court justices.

This isn't rocket science, people. And it isn't an overreaction. This is a moment at which our American way of life is in greater peril than it ever has been before- and when a large number of Americans have clearly signaled that they simply do not understand the American way of life.

I keep coming across Trump supporters on line who actually claim that opponents have no right to oppose "the will of the people." Never mind that what they mistake for "the will of the people" is, in fact, the will of a little over a third of the voters in the primaries of a party whose membership comprises 29% of the American people. Never mind that nearly two-thirds of those primary voters have voted against Trump.

The truly frightening thing hers is that they don't realize that in a free society, people have a right to oppose the will of the majority.

Be afraid, people. Be very afraid. Your freedom is on the line in this election. Donald Trump must be stopped.


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