Another neo-fascist heard from

"Never tried to hide the fact that I prefer a right-wing dictatorship to a democratically elected left-wing government."

The person who wrote this and whose Twitter page I linked to above  was responding to my criticism of a picture of Ben Shapiro dangling from a noose, and my comment that it's no wonder people think TrumpSheep are fascists.

Between honest fascists like this guy and the ones who post pictures of Ben Shapiro in a concentration camp outfit charming memes like the one at the left, it's amazing that more well-intentioned Americans don't realize what they're voting for when they vote for Donald Trump.

You may recall the study which showed that there was only one candidate in either party for whom support could be reliably predicted on the basis of a personality characteristic. The characteristic was authoritarianism, and the candidate is Donald Trump. And the authoritarians and neo-fascists who support The Donald are quite open about who and what they are. If anybody doesn't believe them, it's not because they didn't have fair warning.

But then, I remember my days as a pastor in the ELCA. I tried to warn them, too. They, too, had no excuse for being fooled, and they have even less excuse now. But people are blind to whatever they just don't want to see, however hard they get gobsmacked by it.

There are good-hearted ELCA people who are in denial to this very day. And when President Trump starts whittling away at the Bill of Rights- like he has promised to do- there will still be lots of good, decent, honest Americans who will also still be in denial.


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