George Will is right: it's the duty of all good Republicans- and Americans- to stop Donald Trump

I never thought George Will would ever say this,  and I'm nearly as surprised to agree. But if Donald Trump is nominated at Cleveland, not only the good of the nation but the well-being and even the existence of the Republican party absolutely demand that the Republican nominee loses even to Hillary Clinton.

I could not bring myself to vote for abortion-supporting, gender-bending Hillary. But I- who according to the polls am among a larger percentage of Republicans who would refuse to vote for Trump in November than actually did vote for him in the primaries- certainly could not in conscience vote for a proto-fascist, globally incompetent, emotionally infantile con man like Donald Trump. If the GOP disgraces itself by nominating him, I don't see how I could ever again call myself a Republican.

The party needs to face this: 18% of Republicans actually say that they would vote or Hillary, and despite a the hand-wringing about what Trump's supporters would or would not do if somebody else is nominated, a greater percentage of the party would break off from it if he was. Besides everything else, a great many of us are not particularly appreciative of being actually threatened by Trump's supporters if we don't toe the line. And it's happening constantly. Social media are alive with threats by Trump supporters that if we oppose Trump once he's nominated we'd "better watch out" after he's elected.

There is no way this would be good for American even if Trump were remotely worthy to be president, and he's not.

The nomination of Donald Trump would be a betrayal of the Republican party's heritage on a scale that could probably never be and probably never should be forgiven. If Trump is the nominee, each of us will obviously have to follow our consciences as to what to do in November and in the interim. But I for one will consider it my patriotic duty to do everything short of voting for Hillary to keep him out of the White House. The damage his election would do to the country is even more worrying than the damage he would do to the party.

Fortunately, there's not a snowball's chance in the Democratic party of that happening. But I refuse to be an accomplice in even a failed attempt to elect America's first proto-fascist president.


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