A montage of Trump cartoons...

.... from the New Yorker:

No. Withdrawn. Though the link is here if you really want to see them.

There is so much about Donald Trump to laugh at. But on reflection, not much of this video was funny. Just elitist and condescending.

Which is admittedly a trap it's easy to fall into where Trump and his followers are concerned. Heaven knows I fall into it often enough. But that kind of stuff is in poor taste, and it's not the point. Same for the article which, though satirical, is snarky enough that reminds me too much for comfort of some of my own less attractive moments during this campaign

Like Professor Hawking, I really don't understand Trump supporters. But it behooves me to be a bit more humble about them than I've been at times.

Though that sheep asking the other sheep how he knows that "he" isn't really a wolf was rather appropriate...