'So mad...that it has actually become mad'

Tonight the last gasp of the intra-party phrase of the NeverTrump movement will be drawn. The Trump-dominated Rules Committee is still keeping the rules it will recommend to the opening session of the Convention tonight top secret.

This is not a promising sign, especially since the candidate on whose behalf the secret is being kept has already managed to create a reputation as somewhat of a control freak and even a strong arm artist.

That same Shia Altman whose article on Barack Obama's sorry foreign policy tactics I cited in my last post has another article in the same issue of The Times of Israel. It's entitled, "Republicans Blew It Big Time," and- brief and to the point though it is- it's the best summary of this election year here in the States I have yet seen.

Key sentence: "So mad is the party about Obama and Congress and more, and it should be mad, and I am too and have been, that it has actually become mad."

Insight worth noting:
I have tried in so many ways for so long to tell the die-hard Trumpsters (Trumperinos?), many of them smart, cultured, educated, bright, caring, etc., people, contrary to the stereotype fed by the media about all Trump voters, that their guy would bring disaster. No matter. They refuse to believe anything written that is not from some fringe site, or any words spoken by those they believe are traitors because they refuse to jump on the Trump train wreck coming. And we who decline to give our support (like me), or do so tepidly, will be blamed, don’t worry, when ruination comes.

Watch and see. The die-hards will not take responsibility for their short-sightedness and self-destruction.

The "diehards," of course, are not the NeverTrumpers, but precisely those who against all evidence believed and still believe that Donald Trump has- or ever had- a snowball's chance in hell this November.

And it's already happening. Last night I had a conversation on Twitter with the head of "Veterans for Trump," who accused me of being a traitor for refusing to betray everything the Republican party has historically stood for and is sufficiently detached from reality to suggest that if their unelectable candidate is not elected it is we, who tried to warn of the disaster to come and  when that failed finally put country before party, who will be pariahs in the GOP!

The gentleman, and a great many people who share his delusions is in for a rude awakening, and not only on the morning of November 9.


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