The elephant still fights for its life

Kendal Unruh of Colorado, a member of the Republican Convention's Rules Committee and a leader of the Dump Trump movement, says that Trump opponents have the 28 votes on the Rules Committee necessary to file a minority report and force the issue of "unbinding" delegates to the convention to a vote of the delegates themselves.

Which is certainly a good thing,  but I don't think it will matter. Too many Trump fanatics are delegates to the convention, and too many of the rest are afraid of the outrage that would follow if the Convention were to reject that will of the plurality of primary voters in favor of a candidate more acceptable to the majority of them.

Of course, I hope to be surprised. And maybe this will inspire at least a little interest on my part in what I still suspect will be a proforma anointing of the Great Orange God-King. But I've followed hopeless convention battles before (even got mildly tear-gassed at one back in '68), so perhaps this election cycle may have something interesting in it yet before we start taking guesses at Hillary's margin in November.


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