We have a candidate after all!

Mitt Romney and other better-known Republicans who realize what a disaster either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton would be as president wouldn't "man up" (or "woman up") when the chips were down. Bill Kristol couldn't find anybody who would. David French, a smart and decent journalist, humbly begged off on the ground that he wasn't up to the job. The pro-abortion and socially radical positions of Gary Johnson, William Weld, and the Libertarians have disqualified them even for many who could handle their libertarian ideology.

But at last decent Americans have an option. Former CIA anti-terrorism clandestine operations officer, former Chief National Security Policy Advisor to the United States House of Representatives, businessman, and genuine, mainstream conservative  Even McMullin is launching an independent campaign for the White House.

To say that the campaign is a long shot is like saying that Trump and Hillary are dishonest. It's the mother of all understatements. But now we who can't stomach either a sociopath or a social radical as our next president have a decent option.

I'm with Evan McMullin. And if you're one of what I'm convinced is the majority of Americans who look upon Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton with well-deserved contempt, I invite you to take a look at your newest option.

You can start by reading his letter to America explaining his decision to run.


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