Comey firing may have come too late: Trump reportedly named in sealed indictment!

British blogger and former MP Louise Daphne Mensch and former Clinton staffer Claude Taylor, both of whom have a track record of reliability in matters relating to the Russiagate affair, are reporting that a sealed indictment has been handed down which specifically names President Donald Trump, along with his former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, and former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that the Justice Department has requested Manafort's banking records in connection with its investigation of possible connections between the Russian government and the president's campaign staff.

In the interest of fairness, it should be noted that Taylor is a partisan Democrat and that while Mench is a conservative, she has the reputation of being something of a "bomb-thrower." She has advanced no less crazy an idea than that Vladimir Putin and Steve Bannon conspired to have Andrew Breitbart murdered so that the Alt-Right could take over his conservative news source.  But Mensch's claim that FISA warrants would be handed down in regarding the president's connection with elements of the Russian underworld proved accurate, and Taylor has also proven a trustworthy source in Trump-related matters. Each has contacts in high places.

Mensch is certainly nothing if not polemical. This somewhat outdated profile of her will give you a fair indication of who she is: a renegade centrist with a crazy streak. It's hard to dismiss the charge that she's a conspiracy theorist-  even when it's made by the conspiracy theorist- heavy Trump camp, who support a president who claimed that his predecessor was born in Kenya and that the father of one of his opponents for the Republican nomination conspired with Lee Harvey Oswald to assassinate President Kennedy. It should also be said that even I am skeptical of Mench's report that Senate President Pro-Tempore Orrin Hatch is being given security briefings in preparation for his assumption of the presidency because the FBI is in possession of evidence of criminal wrongdoing not only by Mr. Trump but also by Vice-President Mike Pence, and House Speaker Paul Ryan serious enough to prevent either of them from succeeding to the nation's highest office.

We could do much worse than a President Orrin Hatch, and after the election of Donald Trump and the self-induced oblivion of the Republican party since his nomination, nothing would surprise me very much. But the removal of the president, the vice-president, and the Speaker of the House in one fell swoop is something right out of an Allen Drury novel. And besides, I still retain confidence in the personal integrity of Vice-President Pence and Speaker Ryan, despite that confidence being shaken by their submissive behavior toward a loose cannon like President Trump. I'll believe the Hatch story when I see it come true.

In any event, Zembla TV of Holland followed up Mensch's verified allegation of connections between the president and the Russian mob with  a documentary last week entitled "The Dubious Friends of Donald Trump Part 1: The Russians." The documentary details the president's connections s to high-ranking Russian mobster Felix Sater, and can be seen here:

The New York Times reported the day before Mr. Trump's inauguration that the Justice Department had intercepted potentially incriminating communications between Manafort, fellow Trump aides Roger Stone and Carter Page, and the Russian government.

The Supremacy Clause of the Constitution protects a sitting president from criminal prosecution, and Flynn has reportedly already struck a plea deal with the FBI. But criminal charges on matters relating to national security could obviously provide viable grounds for impeachment charges, and his indictment could also induce the cooperation of Manafort.

If the report by Mensch and Taylor proves accurate, it will be interesting to see the reaction of the supine Republican Congress. My guess is every effort will be made to ignore it.  The question is just how long any of us can ignore the fact that an obviously corrupt, incompetent and unstable man was first nominated and then elected to the presidency last year, and whether Mr. Trump will continue to get away with his longstanding and well-known pattern of playing fast and loose with the law despite living in the brightest spotlight of them all.

ADDENDUM: While stopping short of saying that Mensch and Taylor's claim of an indictment is untrue, Snopes reports several inaccuracies and inconsistencies in their story and points out that an indictment without a view to prosecution would be unprecedented. It finally concludes that they document their sources so vaguely that judging the accuracy or inaccuracy of their claim is impossible.