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Minnesota humiliated again

For the second time in recent years, Minnesota has become the laughingstock of the nation.

Mean-spirited clown Al Franken has been declared the winner in last year's Senate race in that state. Franken appeared on election night to have been narrowly defeated by then-Sen. Norm Coleman. But Coleman's margin was close enough to trigger an automatic recount under Minnesota law.

Then, as the recount proceeded under the supervision of a highly-partisan Democratic Secretary of State, it was soon Florida in 2000 and Chicago in the bad old days all over again."Missing" ballot boxes began to be "discovered," other ballot boxes began to go missing, votes in heavily Democratic areas started being re-counted twice, and- under a heavy cloud- a walking joke became a United States Senator.

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Which party dragged its heals?

In view of the recent U.S. Senate vote to apologize for slavery (a resolution long, long overdue, btw), the remarks of my far-Left senator, Tom Harkin, need to be held up to the light of historical evaluation.

Why did it take so long, anyway?

Hint: The political party responsible wasn't the one that was organized with the explicit purpose of fighting slavery.

It was the one responsible for Jim Crow... and the Civil War.

Supreme Court reverses Sotomayor- again

Obama Supreme Court nominee Sonja Sotomayor has had sixty per cent of her rulings overturned by the very Supreme Court to which she has been nominated.

It happened again today.

Ordinarily, a record like that would preclude a judge from even being considered for appointment to the nation's highest court. Ordinarily, the nomination of a candidate with such a record would be the target of massive derision from the media. But in the Obama Era, it seems, all things are not only possible but commendable in the eyes of the media and the cultural elites- if only they are the Will of Beloved Leader.

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Mr. Obama seems a tad unclear on the concept

President Obama has opined that this past weekend's coup ousting Honduran President Manuel Zelaya was "not legal."

Thank you for clarifying that point, Mr. President. After all, most countries have provisions in their constitutions allowing for coups, don't they? After all, a legal coup is one thing, but...

Oh? They don't? Well,imagine that!

Legality was no more the issue here than it was when Abe Lincoln- illegally, but necessarily- suspended habeus corpus during the Civil War. The same question Lincoln asked then can be asked with regard to the Honduran coup: "Should all the other laws go unenforced, so that one law may be kept?" If you're interested in what really happened in Honduras (as opposed to what the Castro/Chavez/Obama axis is telling us happened), read this cogent summary by former Polk County GOP chair Ted Sporer.

"Legal" or not, the Honduran military was acting to enforce a decision of the nation's Supreme Court, and to pre…

That does it!

After fifty-two years as a Cub fan, I have finally had enough.

I didn't think it was possible for my disgust with the Cubs to exceed what I felt when, after a spectacular season, they laid down and died for the Dodgers in the first round of the playoffs last October, swept out of the post-season in the first round for the second time in as many years. I said at the time that as far as I was concerned, the 2009 season would begin in October.

Division championships no longer thrill me. Been there, done that. I am one of many Cub fans who at long last has gone through the salutary transformation which Boston Red Sox followers experienced a decade or two ago, and decided that my loyalty deserved to be rewarded by a competent and earnest effort on the part of the organization to which it was given. I decided a couple of years ago that any season in which the Cubs failed to at least reach the NLCS would, as far as I was concerned, from henceforth be a failure. Boston's fans decided t…

Not that I'm really paying attention anymore....

...but there's no way to end a losing streak like taking the Laundry to the cleaners.


Russia says that Iran's rigged election was "an exercise in democracy."

Sure. The same kind of democracy Russian tyrants from the Tsars through Stalin and Brezhnev and now Putin have always specialized in: the kind where everybody gets to vote, but only the votes cast for the "proper" candidate get counted.

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The International Space Station just happened to be flying over an uninhabited Russian island north of Japan island when a volcano on that island explosively erupted.

The shock wave from the eruption blew a hole in the clouds and permitted the taking of some unbelievably spectacular shots of the event by the astronauts.

This is a truly incredible coincidence, and something which it is a privilege to witness even in photographs- especially in photographs taken from Earth orbit!

Another ocean-moon in our solar system? Or not?

Pictures from various probes have shown saltwater geysers on Saturn's moon Enceladus, shooting columns of water high into the sky. Some scientists have suggested that Enceladus- like three of Jupiter's four largest moons, Ganymede, Callisto and Europa- has an ocean beneath its frozen crust, which may harbor life.

But a dissent comes from scientists at the University of Colorado at Boulder, whose studies of the sodium content of the water from the geysers based on their photographic spectra make them suspect otherwise. It may simply be that the moon merely harbors underground caverns full of brine.

Either way, the moons of our system's gas giants are turning out to be fascinating worlds indeed.
Enceladus, incidentally, is one of two moons in our solar system- Saturn's largest moon, Titan, being the other- known to have a significant atmosphere.

Tweeting in "Tehran"

I've just joined what I'm told is a global movement all over the Twittersphere, and struck a blow for democracy and religious freedom by changing the location on my Twitter account from Des Moines, Iowa to Tehran, Iran.

The idea is that if people all over the world do this, it will make it harder for the religious police in Iran to keep track of the tweets that actually do originate in Tehran.

Juvenile? Futile? Perhaps. But satisfying- and fun.

I am old

I am 59 today.

Yesterday the congregation threw me a wonderful birthday party after church- complete with my favorite dirty rice by Mary Ann and Dannielle's birthday cake (Dannielle, her cake, and yours truly, above)- and presented me with books by Hermann Sasse and others (a Chemnitz to follow).

Nevertheless, I am old- and at some level react to birthdays the way Dave, the Wonder Dog, does:

Letterman has no class

I was a big fan of Dave Letterman throughout his afternoon and late night career, and during the first part of his Late Show stint. But his patented combination of Far Left snarkiness and tasteless humor cost him my viewship long ago.

Now stupid, malicious gags about Sarah Palin and sexual innuendo about her teenage daughter have become his stock in trade.

The guy simply doesn't have a smidgen of class anymore. And with his talent, it's a real shame. Oh, well. Now I have one more reason for my status as a confirmed Conan O'Brien man.

ADDENDUM: And it looks like Letterman isn't going to issue a genuine apology, either.

ADDENDUM II: Give him credit. He finally did.

Hey there, Cthulhu

Here's a composition Eben Brooks (his sanity blasted and cerebrum turned to tapioca by the contemplation of the blood-curdling Necronomicon of the mad Arab, Abdul Alhazred), who shares both my admiration for the eldrich tales of Howard Phillips Lovecraft, and my twisted sense of humor.