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Cardinal George responds to Mayor Emanuel on 'Chicago values'

Voters give Romney the edge in leadership, values, and honesty

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Just a thought

"Don't report what he says. Report what he means!"

Another broken promise

So what else is new?

Dems to include pro-gay "marriage" plank in platform

Lech Walesa endorses Romney

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An example of Mayor Emanuel's 'Chicago values'

Obama press secretary Carney can't identify the capital of Israel

Rahm Emanuel's totalitarian assault on the First Amendment


Nasty Romney campaign seeks to suppress the dead vote

Eureka! Tim Geithner has a flash of insight

A bittersweet moment: Ron Santo finally takes his rightful place in the Hall of Fame

Voters trust Romney more on the economy- and are liking the nasty version of Obama less and less

Enough with the Chicago bashing, Republicans

A failed presidency

Bad news for Mr. Obama

ABC tries to tie Batman shootings to the Tea Party!

Barack Obama's defining moment?

Is scientific evidence being confused with political correctness?

A Dominator in the net, instead of the Crow?

CBSNYT Poll: It's not just Rasmussen anymore

Romney counterpunches on that "outsourcing' business

It will always be my kind of town

Iowa whistle-blower suit charges Planned Parenthood with Medicaid fraud

Luke thinks Mitt is a 'droid

NYT thinks it's Romney-Pawlenty

This is dumb.

Romney fights back against Obama campaign's slanderous non sequitur on Bain

New Romney ad answers Obama's outsourcing fibs

Condi for Veep? Probably not.

This is nutty even for the ELCA

If this is true...

Dispatches from the Front

CBO stats: the One Percent are getting taken to the cleaners by the tax man as it is!

Mayor Emanuel appeals to the values of Chicago's hoodlums

Notes from the pollsters


Signs and portents

Oh. Canada.

Simply sick.

They'll probably say he's molesting these kids

80,000 jobs were created in June. And 85,000 people went on disability.

The Blackhawks will be gone in the first round once again next Spring

A million dollars bond for a patently innocent man

Americans more inclined to see Obama than Romney as 'extreme'

Obama's lawyer before SCOTUS: It's both a penalty and a tax!

National Ocean Service goes on record: 'No evidence of mermaids'

Mayor Emanuel punishes the Cubs for an anti-Obama ad campaign that never ran

CNN poll: Obama ahead nationally, but Romney leads in 'battleground states'