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Iowa Senate race still looking good, five days out

Condi comes to Iowa to back Joni

Sen. Warren blames Republicans for Ebola

Bruce Braley is losing the chicken vote

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, and Hillary Clinton...

So WHO is trying to buy this election? Hint: It ain't the GOP


Eschaton approaches

Americans should be ashamed of themselves

First both Bill Clinton and Michelle Obama get his name wrong. And now this.

There goes the Sun: today's solar eclipse in the Midwest

"Our weapons are three: control of the popular culture, ruthless suppression of dissent, slander of our opponents' motives, shameless and dishonest appeals to emotion... Our weapons are four:..."

Conversation with a Braley backer

The Democrats' "ground game" can still save Braley

Obama pollster predicts 'crushing defeat' for Democrats, unless....

But Obama already HAD an Ebloa czar!

Braley trails, trial lawyers panic

Is the Pope Catholic?

Braley's faux 'October surprise'

Is Pope Francis a disciple of Jesus, or of Commissioner Reagan?

A question easily answered

Braley somehow keeps a straight face while defending his ads

Two thoughts

Obama's ideal revolutionary

I'm sure his mother loves him, for one thing

The competition to be Hillary's new best friend

Those zany secularists

Obama is political Ebola

Now we KNOW that Obama has blown it on ISIS

The push for Jeb Bush

Meanwhile, back home in Chicago...

The kritarchy strikes again

Oh, great.

It's an anagram for 'Spiro Agnew'


See whether you can follow the Administration's logic on this

Talk about bad timing!

Yes, apparently conservatives are finally gonna fight back!

Back to the future


This would make a good campaign commercial for Joni Ernst and David Young

This video says it all