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Woodward and Bernstein confirm Felt's story

And they wonder why attendance at British mosques is higher than attendance at C of E churches?

Is this 'Deep Throat?'

Can nups follow pre-nups?

Bad logic makes for inconsistent ethics

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Good idea!

NPR, too, is in denial

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Europe non!

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Exactly so!

Should the Republicans get equal time for Law and Order?

A lament for Joan

Non on the EU Constitution?

And chickens have lips, too

An unfortunate choice of words

What needs to be flushed is the boorishness

You should read this book. Lots.

I just don't see it

The Anakin in us all

Go, U Northwestern!

Some "deal!"

Zara is a "real person," too

That myth about the Sith

Galactica shows its cards

Will Dean soon scream his last as DNC head?

Does Sith have a political agenda?

No bowl of pottage, thank you

Thats supposed to be "corn!"

Jaw-dropping chutzpah

It always works the same way

Objectivity isn't the objective here

Newsweek doesn't quite come clean

The moral of the story

Retort of the Sith

No foolin'!

People unclear on the concept


French researchers: Abortion puts future children at risk

A distinction upon which everything depends

Cooking the numbers

Setting a theological 'urban legend' to rest

I've been wondering...

Speaking of lame Ducks...

Gallic gall

Why I can't abide "Paleo-Conservatives"

Only a ghost of The Phantom

Does the law really say that only Democrats can appear on PBS?

More brainwashing

Are you listening, Tim?

Education as brainwashing

Best-selling bilge

The Farce be with you

Non sequitur

Just when we thought we would soon be rid of Jed Bartlet...

'Our Lady of the Underpass' continues to draw crowds

A Friend in high places

The Dark Side has its day

Depression: unbelief, or the Law at work?

"Help my unbelief!"