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Apparently unintentional roadside humor

Well, it's happened

Habby doo yur, ebrybody!

I think maybe now I get it

I just did a Google search on "It's all George W. Bush's fault"

The Dutch are no treat

Those poor Royals announcers!

Martin's really beating the anti-American drum

Good thing Mary didn't have an abortion!

Will pedophilia be the new Canadian tourist attraction?

I'm listening!

Islam, political correctness- and rape

No comment. Really.

Clearing up the myths about Channukah

Pastor Snyder is a celebrity!

One thing I can tell you...

Good King Wenceslaus and "Boxing Day"

Bears 24, Packers 17

...And to round out the family...

A visit from Santa Bird

The other song

He became a Servant that we might be lords

Here we go again!

The case for drilling in the ANWR

The persecuted Christians of the Holy Land

The King (Kong) is dead!

Oik! Oik! Oik! Merry Christmas!

Kyrie Eleison!

Oh, Canada!

The comedy stylings of Saddam Hussein

The Democrats' bad example

Don't ask. Don't tell. Don't say the 'J' word.

L. Ron Hubbard's Small Catechism


A visit from St. Hillary

Democratic fish discovered in Nebraska lake!

Ok. I might have been hasty.

It's All George Bush's Fault!!!

The natural selection

Oh, I'm sure!

This is one disgusted Cub fan

Don't look now...

Good for you, Ahnold!

Looks like Dubyah is on the right side of history

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