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And if Biblical interpretation gives you headaches...

When 'grace' becomes a real, real scary word

What happens to your body after you die?

CNN is tone-deaf about tonight's debate

Lindsey Graham on Bernie Sanders in tonight's debate


Speaks for itself

This might be my favorite one of all

Nobody expects this.

Bizarre, but kinda cool

I didn't know The Bangles were Lutheran!

Catholic synod opens door for divorced Catholics- but slams it on sexual apostasy

Joe Dziemianowicz's comments about Daniel Murphy are just in time for Halloween

I could use a laugh tonight.

It's easier saying 'Wait 'til next year...'

Relax, Cub fans

Oh no, Canada!

Secularism and diversity are very different things

Rudyard Kipling vs. Donald Trump

Learning from Bill Buckley's example

Maybe this tune should be in the hymnal, too.

NOAA: Strong El Niño means warmer than average winter in the North, but colder than average in the South

Satan, demons, and Barney the Purple Dinosaur

You can lead a horse to water...

Being a Christian, I don't believe in karma. But...

Somebody's been reading too many bad spy novels

We're in even worse shape as a society than I thought

Guess what happened to that ball Schwarber hit into the stratosphere?

Watching a bishop with a bad back tap dance

Yeah, that's pretty much the way it works.

'Civil war' in the Catholic church?


Getting back to the Cubs...

Well, I'm proud of Jim Webb

The high cost of winning

In lunar orbit

They're celebrating in the streets

Amid the celebrating, a salute to a valiant opponent

It's intelligent to avoid these particular geeks, it seems

Tne next words you read provide an infallible psychiatric diagonosis of "Cub fan" when the team is one game from success

One win from the NLCS, whether we deserve to be there or not

Simply glorious

Bears 18, Chiefs 17

Frank and Bart try to hash it all out

Now we KNOW POTUS is in trouble!

Cubs 6, Ruddy Pigeons 3

The crisis in politicized 'science-' and MSM gullibility

Fascinating. Even on Facebook!

'Violent words,' me bum!

Well said. But who are you to say it?

Not a good day for Mr.O

We have COMPLETELY lost our minds!

On the horns of a dilemma