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A little McBile with my morning coffee

Ukraine West?

This guy has to be a Lutheran pastor

Surf's up?

It only takes a spark to set a forest fire going...

Osama shows his true colors

Rummy "misspoke"

St. Stephen, Deacon (read "Pastor") and Marty

What is this world coming to?

Pennsylvania 9/11 plane shot down?

Orange power!

The Incarnation

Worth a Thousand Words

Pardon me if I'm skeptical

America's religion in a nutshell

French teenagers mug Santa Claus

"Children's rights..." or children's survival?

Mollie's article redux

Dems invent victory

Three times in a month!

"I call the President Imam Bush"


Totalitarian U

Imagine that!

Bad form. Bad form.

Christmas past

Shall we keep this Jesus guy around for a while?

A Democratic crisis

The case for the Defense. Secretary of, that is.

Peace. Oh, joy.

"Service completed?"

You don't have to be a Christian...

Rush spot isn't funny

Mollie's writing a book

Tough times for Rummy

Onward, Christian terrorists?

Happy birthday, Ophiuchi!

Why doesn't this work?

The Islamofascists use their only argument

Will Mitt be a hit?

Take THAT, Newsweek!

Chevy takes the cake

Twice in one month!

I hate to say this.

The whining continues

Wictory Wednesday, December 15, 2004

The Good Newsweek lost!


Military power, too

Even the Guardian says so!

Did Daschle get "blogged?"

Democrat racism

An unnoticed miracle.

Bill Moyers retiring

Defending the indefensible

Will there be an NHL season after all?

Famous Atheist Now Believes in God


B5 movie in production!

Here comes Hillary!

The problem of Africa

Giuliani in 2008?

More blarney?

Big Blue becomes Big Red

Scientists: Use the Shuttle to save the Hubble

Roe reversal would benefit...the Democrats!

Bush the un-zealot

Wictory Wednesday, December 8, 2004

Intelligence bill agreed on

A rogue agency?

The real consensus

Genital mutilation increases in Europe

Europe reacts to Islamization

A very good question

The outrage that isn't

Pastor Esget won't like this!

Newsweek is at it again

UN wants to postpone Iraq elections

Portrait of a very disturbed man

That's NU!

This is getting ridiculous

Cultural differences

Happy Advent!

Oh, dear.

Marines Find Alleged Iraqi Torture Chamber

Does the UN have a future?

An Islamic Europe?

Even a broken clock is right twice a day!

Kerik replaces Ridge

I know at least one!

It's NEVER OK to hate

Turning on the Worm

Wictory Wednesday, December 1, 2004