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St. Patrick Hamilton, Theologian and Martyr

Discouraged and disgusted

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Dawkins: 'I'm an agnostic, not an atheist."

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LCMS President Harrison testifies about the Obama assault on religious freedom

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Santorum in virtual tie with Mitt nationally; passes him in Michigan poll

Obama campaign readies spin, misdirection effort for 2012

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The world needs America

Crashing Blackhawks seek some trade deadline Febreze

Santorum displaces Gingrich as main challenger to Mitt

Federal appeals court voids Proposition 8; same-sex "marriage" issue to SCOTUS

Lutheran Satire takes on the Restorationist Movement

Ex-fighter pilots: Reconsider cuts

Tomorrow's winners figure to be Romney and Santorum

Nevada looks like Romney rout; Paul not a factor after all

Komen gives in to Leftist pressure, re-funds Planned Parenthood

Clearly NOT about Pentecost

Mitt Romney, Paul Krugman, and the politics of character assassination

Unemployment falls to three-year low at 8.3%. Sort of.


Why it's so silly to say that one has "no creed but Christ"

Komen breast cancer fund defunds Planned Parenthood

Meanwhile, as we get ready for Nevada...

323 to 215

Romney cruises in Florida; Paulistas have rare shot at relevance in Nevada