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Thoughts on Super Bowl XLI plus eight days

No, I haven't forgotten!

By the way...

One game to the Super Bowl


Computer problems

Hillary McClellan Clinton?

Strange word choice

Is Iraq actually a Bush masterstroke?

Arab funding of Carter center puts Jimmy's objectivity in doubt

Lutheran Carnival XLI, the brightest carnival in thirty years

Bears 27, Seahawks 24- OT

Boxer's low blow has HER crying about it!

Iranians lied about 'diplomatic' status of Northern Iraqi building

Let's put him on trial!

Pelosi's hypocrisy on the minimum wage

If only Dubyah had realized this three years ago...

Boxer should apologize

Carter, Clinton join forces to improve Baptist image

The better alternative to embryonic stem cells

Speaker Nancy bans smoking in her lobby

"I'm sorry, but she's a hypocrite."

A crucial distinction

Procrastination is never wise

Victor Davis Hanson on Iraq on National Review Online

The persecuted Church under Islam

Nazanin's second trial starts Wednesday

The 'Pillars of Creation' have crumbled- a long, long time ago

Now, remember, you guys...

Democrats consider undercutting war effort

Holding the wrong debate

What we have to do now

BREAKING NEWS: Israelis reportedly have plans to take out Iranian nuclear facilities with tactical nukes!

Star of Wonder

"Secular fundamentalism:" the new fascism

Good advice for Brownback


Reading between the lines

Send in the clowns

Calls For Cthulhu

Lutheran Carnival XLs

Calling a liberal postion 'moderate' doesn't make it so

Time to get Ahmadinejad a new job

The AP strikes again. Et tu, Drudge?

This is how real fascists act

Go back to sports reporting, Keith

Top Ahmadinejad aide claims Hitler was a Jew

To all my readers...