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Yeah, I'd say this is a pretty good summary of Donald Trump

St. Robert Barnes, Doctor and Martyr

Trump's kakistocracy and Hillary's cacklocracy

This needs to be a feature-length film- and run as a double feature with 'Hillary's America'

Elegy for my Republican party

Can a Christian vote for Donald Trump?

Snopes is busted

In case you missed it: Highlights from Trump's acceptance harangue

'Lock HIM up!'

Doesn't ANYBODY want to win this election?

Probably Bush's fault

Is Donald Trump clinically sane? Seriously.

The inside story on the Trump putsch in Cleveland and beyond

...And maybe one less

Another retraction

Trump to Cruz: 'I wouldn't accept your stupid endorsement anyway. So there. Nahhhhh!'

I'm not sure whether this is good news or bad news

How are intelligent, well-informed people who heard Trump's acceptance speech like James Bond's martinis?

Hillary-like, Trump's staff lets his acceptance speech leak ahead of time

Hey, Trumpkins... remember this?

Hold on to your hat: NASA may just have discovered warp drive!

I never thought I'd say this, but three cheers for Ted Cruz!

This is a referendum on 'Amerexit ' from our ideals

Dubya fears that he'll be the last Republican president

Trump refuses to fire plagiarizing speechwriter

No, the convention is NOT united behind Il Duce!

The Party of Lincoln: 1860-2016. Rest in peace.

Melania is the victim here. I hope we all don't join her.

Chief Dubya speech writer: Melania's gaffe last night was the staff's fault, not hers

And on a lighter, darker note, Simon and Garfunkel would love this one

So what does the co-author of The Art of the Deal think of the prospect of Donald Trump becoming president?

I'm sorry for Melania. But this is Trump in a nutshell.

I'm ashamed of you, Joni

'I know I'm not supposed to be up here. But Donald Trump isn't, either!'

Abuse it and you lose it

This sums up the whole point of the convention

Thank goodness it won't matter soon

'The party of Lincoln has come to Cleveland this week to die'

Iowa and Colorado delegations walk out of Nuremburg 2016 in protest

THIS IS UNREAL! Chaos in Cleveland as the RNC cheats and dissent is shouted down!

Maybe there will be some excitement after all

Nuremburg 2016: It's beginning

I am speechless

BREAKING: NeverTrump obtains copy of top-secret convention rules proposal!

'So mad...that it has actually become mad'