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The American kritarchy is ready to let the other shoe drop on marriage

Al Mohler herein reflects upon Justice Antonin Scalia's prophetic warning about the likelihood that same-sex "marriage" will be imposed on all fifty states by the Supreme Court sometime in the next year.

The American kritarchy is in full force, the balance of powers in tatters- and the Constitution a dead letter any time our judges decide that they don't like what it says.

Or that it should say something that it doesn't.

HT: Manhattan Declaration

Rand Paul inherits Dad's mantle for foreign policy cluelessness

To hear Rand Paul discuss the events leading to the invasion of Iraq, you'd think he was a Democrat.

But then, to hear Paul discuss pretty much any defense or foreign policy issue, you'd think he was a Democrat.

Paul is the one potential Republican presidential candidate whose nomination would cause me to vote for Hillary- because next to him, she's a hawk on national defense.

The election of Rand Paul to the White House (which- fortunately- isn't going to happen) would- like that of his father- be the greatest threat to America's national security since Pearl Harbor.

Neither of these gentlemen have a clue about the world as it actually exists.

Media: "Psst! They found Saddam's WMD's! Don't pass it on!"

Guess what ISIS extremists have claimed and the Obama administration has admitted- and the mainstream media is keeping mum about?

It seems that less than 50 miles from Baghdad was a chemical weapons factory used by Saddam to manufacture sarin, mustard gas, and nerve agent VX, manufactured to prosecute the war against Iran in the 1980. The Iraq Study Group claimed that the weapons stored there were effectively destroyed, but contradicted that conclusion in the same report. Another report also contradicts it:

Although the damaged Bunker 13 at Muthanna contained thousands of sarin-filled rockets, the presence of leaking munitions and unstable propellant and explosive charges made it too hazardous for UNSCOM inspectors to enter. Because the rockets could not be recovered safely, Iraq declared the munitions in Bunker 13 as ‘destroyed in the Gulf War’ and they were not included in the inventory of chemical weapons eliminated under UNSCOM supervision.

Because of the hazardous conditions in …

Oddsmakers favor Blackhawks- not Kings- to win 2015 Stanley Cup

The Kings may have just won their second Stanley Cup in three years, but they aren't the favorites to do it again next year.

That would be a certain team which will be gunning for their third Cup in six years, and has an Indian head on the front of its sweater.

The Kings come in behind the Blackhawks, the Bruins, and the Pens, tied for fourth with the St. Louis Blues.

And those poor, poor Red Wings....

ADDENDUM: Apparently more than one book has the Hawks as the favorites for 2015.

Veith: Tchividjan expelled from Reformed blogging community for... crypto-Lutheranism!?

Billy Graham's grandson, Tullian Tchividjian, has attracted a great deal of attention lately for his championing of the distinction between Law and Gospel, without which the Gospel is a dead letter.

Now, Dr. Gene Veith tells us, the ill-named "Gospel Coalition-" a Reformed blogging community- has kicked him out for what amounts to "crypto-Lutheranism."

Fascinating, but predictable. Reformed works-righteousness finally has no place for the notion that our assurance of salvation is to be found in Christ and His faithfulness, rather than in ourselves and our own. Pr. Tchividjan should consider this a feather in his cap. It's certainly a star in his crown!

As someone once said, anybody who preaches the pure Gospel will inevitably be accused of antinomianism by those who aren't listening- and whose eyes are on their own spiritual navels, rather than on Christ and Him crucified.

And after centuries of Reformed theology trying to masquerade as Lutheran (the &qu…

Joni Ernst shocks Iowa with GOP Senate primary landslide

Joni "I grew up castrating hogs on an Iowa farm, so when I get to Washington, I’ll know how to cut pork" Ernst- a Harley-riding state senator and lieutenant colonel in the Iowa Air National Guard- surprised everybody by crushing the field and winning the GOP nomination for the U.S. Senate here in Iowa yesterday

Ernst got clear majority in a race in which experts had predicted that the state convention- dominated by party activists who tend in Iowa to be... well, a little ripe.... would have to choose the candidate. State law requires that a primary winner receive at least 35% of the vote in order to be chosen as the party's nominee without recourse to the state convention.

Socially conservative radio commentator Sam Clovis finished a distant second. Surprisingly, well-funded businessman Mark Jacobs, who led in early polling, finished third. Other than Ernst, only Jacobs had a statewide TV ad campaign.

Ernst will be an underdog to Democratic Congressman Bruce Bral…

Staying home on primary day

Today is the Iowa Primary.

As a newly-minted Independent, it seems strange not to be voting. We have spirited Republican primaries for both the U.S. Senate and in my congressional district. But I have no strong feelings either for or against any of the candidates, and I simply refuse to choose between my social conscience on one hand and my religious and moral beliefs on the other.

I'll let the social Darwinists and the ethical anarchists sort things out in their own primaries, and make my choice in November.

Such as it is.

I'm casting my own vote today by not casting it.

See you next May, Kings!

I had a bad feeling when L.A. tied last night's game midway through the third period.  In a series in which both teams at times seemed almost to score at will, the law of averages said that it might well be the Kings' turn to put the biscuit in the basket if it went to sudden death.

And so, alas, it was. The Blackhawk dynasty has been delayed for another twelve months or so. C'est la vie, as they'd say in Montreal.

One thing about having a team as good as the Blackhawks is that you can reasonably expect them to be back next year for another go. More on that theme from The Hockey News here.

There is no question that having handled LA last year in the playoffs and had such success against them this year during the regular season caused the Hawks and their fans to sell them short. That won't happen again. And it was probably good for the Hawks to realize that there was another team in the hunt for Lord Stanley's mug that also had heart, and could be counted on t…