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Thoughts on the end of Season Seven of "Game of Thrones"

Mayor Arreguin is right. The fascists of the left and right should BOTH be treated like street gangs!

The sickness infests both sides

Demagogue Trump pardons convict sheriff Arpaio, and joins him in scorning the rule of law

In case you're wondering why people think Donald Trump is a bigot...

Our society's REAL conflict: the authoritarians vs. the idea of America

....Aaaaaand now Mr. Trump UNsays most of what he should have said Saturday!

All that spin can make a person dizzy!

Finally, Mr. Trump says what he should have said Saturday

How dare you, Mr. President?

Beware! The market is being flooded with fake eclipse glasses which won't protect your eyes!

Three cheers for David Brooks and the New York Times!

Misandry's worst nightmare

Good is evil, war is peace, lies are truth- and at Google, homogeneity is diversity

At least Bernie is listening

We've lost an honest politician

This is Karen. Hear her roar. She's too logical to ignore.

Address to a Chicago-Style Hot Dog (With apologies to Robert Burns)