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Reinventing Hillary

Apparently they think somebody takes them seriously

When even a Newsweek columnist agrees...

How to stop illegal immigration

Whether John Murtha likes it or not

Wictory Wednesday: Mike McGavick for United States Senator from Washington

Here's where they get their material!

Gore unhinged!


Don't laugh too hard. You might be transformed into a millipede.

In the name of Islam

He has a point. Several of them, actually.

Maybe she's misunderestimating him

Some small comfort

DC comics becomes PC comics

And there are other fallen worth remembering...

"In Flanders' fields the poppies grow..."

No graduation idolatry in Shelbyville

Wise counsel

Give 'em a fair court martial- and then hang 'em?

As if this were news

Givers and takers

Thanks, friends

Well said, Tony Blair

A bothersome thing

The other side of the argument

I guess age and wisdom don't necessarily go together

Oh, Pat, Pat, Pat....

The silly season continues on immigration

Bloomberg: Fingerprints, DNA files key to controlling immigration

Just so

Bush's problem in a nutshell

Wanna bet they'd accept?

'Dr. Death' is having second thoughts

So you want a timetable?

Does al Quaeda have nukes?

'Inconvenient truths'

Maybe he should work for Air America

You know that "bad economy" we're experiencing?

The networks are up to their old tricks

You can't make this stuff up!

Getting real

Reports from the front

Some teeth in the Senate bill

Lewis's owner fights on in court

Bird flu reportedly has mutated into a human-to-human virus!

And we'd better listen

En passant...

The signs are good

Poland remembers its ground of being

Happy birthday, dear blog!

Why Gore's environmental alarmism is hooey

The Left has turned on John McCain

The anti-war movement LIED! And lied... and lied...

Profile in Partisanship

Da Vinci and multi-culti

Another immigration plan

Oh, please.

Madeline Albright's confusion is what is 'worrying'

Even the NCC is upset with 'DaVinci'

Morris on Dubyah's road back

The worst indictment of Bush's immigration policy yet

Equine medical bulletin

Culture of Corruption, eh, Nancy?

OK, conservatives- you asked for it!


Well, here it is, in black and white

Economics, human smuggling, and the cultural invasion from the South

Now I'm sorry I even joked about his name

AG: Reporters can be prosecuted for treason

What's with all these Italian horses?


Senate grants full Social Security benefits to illegals

More good news spun as bad by the AP

This is unacceptable

Iran's Fascism becomes more explicit

One thing about border security...

Spirtual pick-up lines

Something to bear in mind

Sensenbrunner steamed

Poor Atlantic City!

Clarabell is dead

Don't look now, but...

Go away, Pat

Senate approves fence, guest worker program- and citizenship possibility for illegals

Meanwhile, in Mexico...

What's on the bumper of God's pickup truck?

INS denies informing Mexicans on "Minuteman" movements

Cal Thomas clues in the clueless on Iraq

"Losing is for losers!"

Is Michelle Malkin the Mad Hatter?

The politics of immigration in a nutshell

Well said, Anchoress!

What's this? At Cannes?

Hey, Hillary.... read this

The President's speech: around the blogosphere

"We have always been at war with Eurasia."

But on the other hand...

U.S. restores ties to rehabilitated Libya

Keeping the French honest. Well, relatively honest, anyway

Correction on CNN and the presidential "false start"

Why is this anybody's business?

And now, we await the returns from The Base

The Da Vinci Debacle

Rove on the President's popularity- and prospects for the Fall

I want to read these books!

Questions that need to be answered