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Into a cocked hat

This is a crazy, crazy election year!

Democratic pollster John Zogby- who happens also to consistently be the most reliable of the national pollsters- has been saying for months that this campaign for the presidency is John Kerry's to lose. He has done so at least partially due to a very reasonable assumption: that since re-election campaigns are, in effect, referenda on the incumbent, and since undecided voters tend to break overwhelmingly for the challenger, the race hasn't nearly been as close as the numbers indicate.

But now Zogby has a new poll which throws those assumptions into a cocked hat. Self-identified undecided likely voters overwhemingly disapprove of the job President Bush is doing (77%).

Majorities believe that the country is headed in the "wrong direction" (56%), that President Bush does not deserve re-election (53%), and that they would be happier if there were other candidates (87%).

But when push comes to shove, so strongly do they dislike John Kerry

Al Sadr throws in the towel

This clown changes his mind more often than John Kerry, so joy shouldn't necessarily be unrestrained over this. But if he keeps to this position, this could be the effective end of the war in Iraq- and of the Kerry candidacy.

Coupled with the expected Bush bounce from the Republican Convention in New York, the President's continuing uptrend in the polls in the last few weeks, and M. Kerry's continuing troubles over his Vietnam record, the dramatic improvement in the situation in Iraq which this news seems to suggest could very well be the beginning of the end for the cause of the Bush Haters.

I still think the end will come when the Bush-Kerry debates leave the Senator from France looking like a pompous, negative stiff, and President Bush like the personable, warm, likeable, and fundamentally trustworthy guy he is.

Big man admits a mistake

What the Left Wingers don't realize is that insisting, with no particular evidence, that President Bush's admitted "miscalculation" about the ease with which Iraq would be pacified (together with whatever mistakes he made while operating on the basis of the best information available at the time regarding Iraqi WMD's) were deliberate deceit rather than honest and very understandable human errors, they are exposing their own bad faith and personal bile- and the degree to which the entire case for electing Le Senateur Kerry is based on ill-will.

Compare and contrast the President's statement with Kerry's statements about the President, and specifically about the "AWOL" lie (I'm speaking, of course, of his usual statements, not the nicer ones he makes rarely, when the wind is blowing in the proper direction).

Things are looking up for Dubyah

Things are looking up for the President. As TIME's Electoral College map shows, he's ahead of John Kerry right now.

On the popular vote front, the President has also opened up a wafer-thin lead in the Real Clear Politics poll average for both a three-way and a two-way race, and all but one recent poll has the President's approval rating over fifty percent.

Going into the Republican National Convention, it begins to appear that the corner may have been turned.

Kerry picked this fight

As Jeff Jacoby of the Boston Globe points out, John Kerry has no legitimate business griping about the questions being asked about his war record.

He's the one who chose to make it the centerpiece of his campaign.

For what people can expect who make an issue about something in the course of running for President and then expect not to be held accountable for it, see Gary Hart's challenge to the media to follow him around in 1988.

And you guys are sane?

Here's another commercial that needs to be made: Video of these Far Left Hollywood types foaming at the mouth as they spew more over-the-top hate about President Bush.

The more of this stuff the voters see, the better it is for Mr. Bush. Le Senateur Kerry understands that; that's why he'd just as soon they kept quiet! The drooling, raving haters from Hollywood don't get it, though, any more than they "get" America's fundamental decency and rationality... and the more people hear and read about this stuff, the more it will translate into votes for the President.

(Psssssst......Nobody tell them that calling the President this kind of stuff makes them look like...well, exactly what they call the President!)

Wictory Wednesday, August 25

Nostalgia time.

This is the last Wictory Wednesday that I'll be calling on you to contribute to the President's campaign. With the Republican National Convention next week at Madison Square Garden, the period ends when, under current campaign finance laws, individuals can make such contributions. Time is running out!

Now, and throughout the balance of the campaign, though, there will continue to be a vital need for volunteers. We all need to do what we can to win in this, the most critical election of our lifetimes.

American sovereignty over our own foreign policy, American security, the recovery, the fight for what's left of Western civilization... all of these are encompassed in the battle to re-elect George Walker Bush.

Whatever you can do to help, you'll be doing not only for Mr. Bush, and not even for the rest of us. You'll be doing it for the generations who will be born safe, educated well, and mature into responsible adults because the values Mr. Bush stand…

Persecuted Christians in the Islamic world

Heard of "ethnic cleansing?" Liberals don't like it- and rightly so. They were willing to go war under President Clinton to put an end to it.

It's OK to fight wars when Democrats are in the White House, you see.

It's a different story, though, in Iraq and the rest of the Arab Middle East, where the persecution of a religious rather than an ethnic group- the Christians- has been savage enough for quite a while that some of the oldest Christian communities on Earth are in danger of disappearing.

Kerry begins to come clean

The Drudge Report currently has the following displayed prominently on its page:


Kerry's campaign now says is possible first Purple Heart was awarded for unintentional self-inflicted wound...

# Kerry received Purple Heart for wounds suffered on 12/2/68...

# In Kerry's own journal written 9 days later, he writes he and his crew, quote, 'hadn't been shot at yet'... Developing...

From the Mouth of the Beast

If you can't believe the Kerry-Edwards campaign site about illegal collusion between the Kerry campaign and MoveOn PAC, who can you believe?

Hat tip: Blogs for Bush

Of Falujah and Des Moines

I lived for five years in Des Moines. During that time, I often faulted it for not being Chicago, where I grew up, or even St. Louis, where I once spent three and a half years.

Now, Iowa is a much-traduced state. Though this may surprise people, it has the largest percentage of its population who are college graduates of any state in the nation. It has the highest literacy rate in the nation. Each year Iowa and Minnesota do battle for the right to boast the best public schools in the nation.

Take it from me: as much as I may have put Des Moines down during my time there, whether Michael Moore sees fit to admit it or not, it's worth fighting for.

And as the man points out, this war isn't about Falujah, finally. It's about Des Moines.

16 year old Iranian girl hanged for having 'sharp tongue'

A sixteen year-old Iranian girl was hanged a week ago today by order of an Iranian religious judge for having a "sharp tongue."

It seems incredible to me that anyone in the civilized world- which certainly does not include Iran- fails to see that these people are barbarians who deserve, not respect for their beliefs, but the utter contempt and scorn of decent people throughout the world.

A "Daisy Cutter" in this particular judge's lap would be nice, too.

Media bias isn't helping Kerry

The incredible pro-Kerry bias in the media's coverage of the controversy over the Democratic nominee's record in Vietnam is hard to miss. I can understand the anxiety on the part of the liberal media that the story not continue to occupy the headlines- and I chuckle at every desperate statement and action of the Kerry campaign in response to the controversy...which only serve to keep the story in the headlines- and make the challenger, rather the incumbent, the issue in this campaign.

Civics 101: In a democracy, it is the normal role of the incumbent to be the issue, and to defend his record. It is the normal role of the challenger to attack that record. When the challenger, rather than the incumbent, becomes the issue- as in 1964 or 1972 or 1988- the incumbent or his party always wins an election which seldom turns out to even be close.

The increasingly obvious panic in the Kerry campaign is well-founded. This could not be happening at a worse time for the Senator from France.…

Don't forget to pack your phaser- E.T. may be Hitler, rather than Gandhi! is a site a visit daily. Being an amateur astronomer (or "naturalist of the night," as Terrance Dickinson once suggested we call ourselves), I find it invaluable.

One of the things about it I enjoy is the substantial, and not overly-technical, articles. Right now the site has a basically favorable review by Seth Shostak of box office smash Alien vs. Predator.

The review is positive in the sense that the reviewer sees it as a good genre piece. But he goes to great lengths to dispute the notion that E.T. is likely to be very much like either of these critters in real life. He's probably right, but not for the reasons he cites.

Shostak writes:

Of course, films like this suggest that the Galaxy is largely populated by highly aggressive species, ones whose interest in Earth might extend no farther than using it now and again as a hunting lodge. The tracts of space, in this view, are akin to the unknown seas on medieval maps -- "here be monsters" -- vast, fo…

The Pot and the Kettle

Blogs for Bush has more on the enormously hypocritical Kerry lawsuit charging (chuckle) collusion between the Bush campaign and special interest groups in circumventing campaign finance laws!

I do believe we might be witnessing the unraveling of the Kerry candidacy, right before our eyes. There is a point at which brazenness becomes self-destructive, and Kerry- whose odd defensiveness on the subject of his military record is getting harder and harder to miss- may well be approaching that point. If he hasn't already passed it, that is.

Note, too, President Bush's consistently calm, bemused reaction to the AWOL slander. Compare and contrast.

'Captain Chutzpah' strikes again!

It seems that M. Kerry is accusing President Bush of hiding behind independent groups, whom he conspires to have do his "dirty work" for him.

How droll. I've often thought that if Kerry were a superhero, his name would be Captain Chutzpah.Chutzpah, for the uninitiated, is a Yiddish term classically defined as that quality exhibited by a man who murders both of his parents, and then pleads for mercy on the ground that he is an orphan.

Thus it is that Kerry- nominee of the party that made such a big deal of "campaign finance reform," but who is evading McCain-Feingold by letting George Soros,MoveOn PAC, and other unregulated and quasi-legal groups take on the financial burden of much of his campaign- has the gall to accuse President Bush of hiding behind third-party groups!

This is the same guy whose party has participated in a four-year binge of slander, personal attacks, and character assassination against Mr. Bush unparalleled in our nation's history, in w…

Nader charges Kerry with "goon tactics"

Ralph Nader would very much like to get on the presidential ballot wherever possible this Fall. Trouble is, Kerry supporters have been resorting to what the Nader campaign calls "goon tactics" to keep him off the Oregon ballot.

Democratic workers resorting to goon tactics? Sure comes as a surprise to somebody like me, who grew up in Chicago and cut his political teeth fighting the Daley Machine.


Where have we heard THAT before?"

Those same four insightful Right-Wing wackos also have another observation, elaborating on a
point made first by Blogs for Bush.

You may have heard that Le Senateur Kerry has been big enough to condemn the slanderous
MoveOn PAC video I referred to the other day, repeating the disproven lies about President Bush having been AWOL during his National Guard service. Trouble is, Kerry himself has been repeating this lie ever since early in the primary season.

As those Four Right-Wing Wackos put it, "He was for that lie before he was against it."

Wictory Wednesday, August 18

I almost forgot- it's Wictory Wednesday!

McCain-Feingold gives you twelve more days- until the Republican Convention- todonate to the Bush campaign. Of course, you can volunteer at any point up to Election Day.

There is too much at stake to let this opportunity slide by. The War on Terror, the continuing recovery, and our continued independent, sovereign functioning in the international community all depend on President Bush, rather than LeSenateurKerry, winning this November.

The Wictory Wednesday Blogroll can be found here.

If you can't find anything good to say...

Travis at Rainstorm recently responded to my entry about the negativity of John Kerry's support. While his response missed the point by a country mile, he and other liberals might want to consider entering the new contest being sponsored by Crush Kerry.

The rules of the contest are very simple: all you have to do is to submit a brief statement of why you are voting for M. Kerry.

The fascinating thing is that none of the entries so far have qualified. They have many hysterical, unsubstantiated, slanderous, borderline-paranoid and totally bogus things to say about President Bush- but so far not one of them has come up with anything good to say about the Senator from France and Democratic presidential nominee.

Perhaps you can be the first! Enter now!

MoveOn PAC just keeps lying, and lying, and lying...

It's six months now since Gen. William R. Turnipseed, the man whose initial statement that he "didn't recall" President Bush having reported for Air National Guard duty in Alabama started all the "Bush was AWOL" nonsense, admitted to having Alzheimer's Disease, retracted his statement, and apologized when several of Mr. Bush's fellow former Alabama Guardsmen came forward to share their memories of having served with him during the time in question. Actually, those fellow former Guardsman had been saying as much for over a year; the problem was that the media didn't see fit to report it. Leftists who only read things which support their desire to slander Mr. Bush should consult this, this, and this, for starters, before citing long memorized, long out-of-date, and wholly unsubstantiated nonsense on this subject; it's been a long time since this was about pay stubs and dental records, as hard as it is for a man to have his teeth worked on som…

The Case for Political Diversity

There has been a great deal of talk lately- most of it predicated by John Kerry's incomprehensible thoughts, which his supporters seek to justify as being "subtle" rather than merely incoherent- about nuance. That is certainly a commodity sorely lacking in today's political economy.

The two-party system used to be at least a four-party system in practice. Besides liberal Democrats and conservative Republicans, we had liberal Republicans and conservative Democrats. There are still a few of those around, but they have no influence in their national parties and they are chiefly of interest as objects of abuse for their more ideologically orthodox compatriots.

Canada, Britain, and most other liberal democracies have multiple parties. Perhaps only two of them have any real chance of winning. But the other parties influence public debate profoundly. Legislatively, they are powers to be reckoned with, and every election in every riding in Canada and constituency in Britain …

Eyal Press doesn't "get" religion- or the First Amendment

Eyal Press's article in The Nation entitled "Closing the Religion Gap" only provides further evidence that those on the political Left just don't "get it" where religion is concerned.

By now, of course, we're all used to the kind of hypocritical rhetoric it contains about how the "religious Right" wants to "impose its morality on others-" as if the Left, secular and otherwise, were not attempting to do the same thing, and is if every law, literally without exception, didn't involve the imposition of certain moral standards on other people. The point seems to wholly escape folks like Press that in a diverse and religiously pluralistic democracy, purely sectarian moral standards, or those supported only by narrow constituencies, don't get imposed on anybody. You need something resembling a politically viable consensus for that, and the very pluralism of our culture protects it against the bugbear of anybody's religion being…

Kerry, Nuance, and Protecting Americans

Jonathan Rothenberg, writing in Blogs for Bush, and the Wall Street Journal are exactly right in asking about the implications of M. Kerry'sdisturbing statements concerning President Bush's aggressive approach toward terrorists and their state sponsors. Once again, Le Senateur Kerry- who has made a career out of being "soft" on such matters, only to try to strike a macho pose now that he's running for the White House- has a great deal of explaining to do, not only concerning the substance of the issue but also as to his own credibility.

Kerry's credibility

With so many people uncharitably and inaccurately screaming that "Bush lied," it seems reasonable to ask questions about the truthfulness of M. Kerry. This is especially the case since Kerry has made such a point of emphasizing the necessity of truthfulness and transparency in a President. And since that is the case... doesn't Kerry have some explaining to do about the conflicts between his accounts of his military records and those of others?

If Kerry is telling the truth, and they are lying, we need to know that, too. But it's the height of hypocrisy to continue to bluster about President Bush's National Guard record months after the accusations that he was AWOL were conclusively proven false, while acting as if similar questions about Kerry's record are somehow off limits.

Who is negative?

These stats are quite revealing, actually: 51% of Le Senatuer Kerry's supporters say they are voting againstPresident Bush, and only 42% are voting for Kerry.

Conversely, 76% of Mr. Bush's supporters are voting for him, and only 18% against the Senator from France.

Summary: Kerry's support is among the most negative in history- and not even a majority of his own supporters say they're voting for him, rather than against Mr. Bush.

Tell us again, Senator...who is involved in this "negative campaign" you keep talking about?

Bush's tax cuts for the non-wealthy

Economist and business blogger Dr. Jeff Cornwall points out that the same CBO numbers which have led the liberal media to trumpet the supposed shift of the tax burden from John Kerry's "richest one percent" to the middle class due to the Bush tax cuts also show something they aren't reporting: that proportionally, those same tax cuts have in fact shifted that burden off the backs of the middle class and the poor, and even more heavily onto the backs of the wealthiest twenty percent!

It is that wealthiest twenty percent, rather than the wealthiest one percent (as erroneously reported here earlier) who pay approximately ninety percent of the total Federal income taxes collected.

John Kerry and his friends in the media can play all the games they want to with the numbers, but the numbers still end up telling a different story than they do!

Hat tip: Blogs for Bush

What would Schwartzenegger say?

Meanwhile, Dick Cheney is chiding Le Senateur Kerry (D-France) for wanting to wage a "sensitive" war on terror. Mr. Kerry doesn't want to hurt the feelings of our European pseudo-allies, you see. And then there's the portion of the Islamic world that sides with Osama.

Personally, I think this is taking that "new male" business a bit far. As Mr. Cheney observed, nobody has ever won a war by being sensitive.

Let's get this straight, so to speak...

New Jersey Gov. Jim McGreevey is resigning because he is being blackmailed by the other party in an adulterous homosexual affair. He says he's ashamed of his behavior. Fair enough.

But it sounds like an effort is being made to make it appear that his homosexuality, which he announced for the first time in his resignation speech, is his reason for leaving office. To the extent that he cooperates in this, he's copping out.

He isn't the victim here. His wife is.

California Supremes Nix Gay Licences

The California Supreme Court has invalidated marriage licences issued to same-sex couples, ruling that San Francisco's mayor exceeded his authority in issuing them, in view of a California state law defining marriage as an arrangement between a man and a woman.

The ruling stopped short of addressing the supposed constitutional issue involved in the drive to institutionalize the logical, historical, and legal absurdity of same-sex "marriage."

Wictory Wednesday, August 11

Well, it's Wictory Wednesday again- the third from last one in which I'll be asking you to donate to the President's campaign; as of the Convention in New York, the campaign finance laws won't allow it any more. Of course, you'll continue to be able to volunteerto help re-elect the President right through Election Day.

With every passing day, the election looks more and more like a repeat of the 2000 squeeker. If there is one lesson we can learn from our experience four years ago, it's summed up in the title of Hugh Hewett's new book: If It's Not Close, They Can't Cheat. If we win, and it's at all close, you can be sure that the Democrats will once again whine about people supposedly being disenfranchised while seeking to disenfranchise every member of the military or other probable Bush voter in sight. Count on it: as surely as they tried to steal Florida in 2000 with that fraudulent recount, they'll pull the same stunt wherever they can t…

Good shot,, Mr. President!

Loved that zinger POTUS got in today about Iraq. In case you missed it, he thanked Le Senateur Kerry for "clearing up" the point that he would have voted to authorize war in Iraq even if he'd known there were no WMD's to be found... and then wondered whether that would still be Kerry's position in a few weeks!

Again, I'm impressed with the way he's put Kerry on the spot over the question of Kerry's position on Iraq. It's a truism of politics that if the challenger becomes the issue, it's over; the incumbent has won.

May the challenger continue to be the issue!

Ah, those French

This is pretty bad, even for the French.

Just when you think that they couldn't possibly prove themselves more obtuse, more insensitive, more gauche... Ni le bon sens ni la decence commune n'abonde la, il semble (Translation: "Neither good sense nor common decency abounds there, it seems").

It's official, and it's Keyes

Well, it's official. Maryland resident Alan Keyes, who received much publicity for his criticism of Hillary Clinton- an Illinois native who had lived in Arkansas and Washington, D.C., but who decided to run for the U.S. Senate from New York- is now the Republican candidate for the Senate from Illinois, from whence Sen. Clinton came.

Got that?

He promises "a fight," and a spirited discussion of the issues. Ambassador Keyes is, in fact, an extraordinarily gifted orator and a marvelously talented debater. Unfortunately, nobody will get past the word "carpetbag" in this one.

The Republican party of my birth state would have done better to lose with any of several home-grown candidates eager for the chance than with Keyes, as charismatic and articulate as he admittedly is.

Ms. Clift is worried

While John Zogby and others continue to see the race for President as John Kerry's to lose (on the sensible ground, I must admit, that re-election campaigns are referenda on incumbents, and Mr. Bush's ratings are none too good), other voices point out the inherent power of the presidency to shape events- and the difficulty, in any case, of convincing the American people to turn a wartime President out of office.

But Eleanor Clift, the Far Left Newsweek columnist, goes much farther than most in suggesting, in essence, that the race is Bush's to lose.


Nomar Garciaparra looks awfully good in blue Chicago Cubs pinstripes, doesn't he? And Boston's best outfield prospect was a nice throw in, too :)

I understand a lynch mob is forming in Boston for the Red Sox GM. I can understand this. Though I take no pleasure in the discomfiture of our fellow long-time sufferers in Boston... well, better them than (as has so often been the case) us.

I, for one, agree with the growing sentiment in Chicago that Cubs GM Jim Hendry deserves a statue outside Wrigley Field. Perhaps no executive in baseball history- certainly in Cubs history, and that includes the legendary Dallas Green- has gotten his team more talent in the course of two years in exchange for less.

Your source for slanderous trash about the President

Mark A. Kilmer's Political Annotation has a good entry about irresponsible extremist Michael Moore's emerging place as a source of anti-Bush propaganda even among Democrats who admit that he has all the credibility of Baron Munchausen.

Mark also reports that former UN Ambassador Dr. Alan Keyes, who has been offered the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate from Illinois (succeeding former Seven of Nine husband Jack Ryan ) told State Central Committee members at a pre-selection interview that if offered the nomination he would accept. Sources close to Keyes report that his "taking time to think about it" is mostly a gesture he thinks for some reason he owes the Illinois GOP. A pontential problem: Keyes has declined Senate nominations in other states due to sensitivity about being a carpetbagger, a posture which may come back to haunt him if he accepts in Illinois. As if one more problem was going to finally matter either way; I have as much chance of being elected …

Wictory Wednesday, August 4

Only a few Wictory Wednesdays left in the current form of the beast. You'll still be able to
volunteer for President Bush right up through the election, but the days are dwindling- only 26 of them left- for you to donate to the President's campaign. Once the convention in New York comes, that will all be over.

This may be the defining election of this generation. Act now!

Lt. Kerry gives back the "bounce"

Dick Morris had a really good line today about the reason why, after two successful nights of concentrating on domestic politics, John Kerry gave his "bounce" back- and then some- on "the Night of the Uniforms: "Americans just aren't looking for a lieutenant. They're looking for a Commander-in-Chief."

Bottom line: There's only one of those available this year, and his name is George Walker Bush.