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Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan endorses Trump

Although some are quibbling about whether saying that he would do the best job as president is an endorsement (of course it is), the other shoe has finally dropped.

Despite demurring at the word "endorsement," the Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan has given his blessing- if that term is appropriate for the demonic- to Donald Trump.

Now, I know that Trump can't help who his admirers are. But when a single candidate attracts the support of so many of these unsavory racist types, there's a reason.

The Wizard gives it: "A lot of what he believes, we believe."

Guys, this is getting awfully hard to rationalize. The Republican party- the party of Lincoln and Harriet Tubman- cannot nominate this turkey!

The Screwtape Letters: The Play

C.S. Lewis's masterpiece adapted for the stage!

The audio isn't great at the beginning (though it quickly improves) and the English accents don't help.

You know, after having to use "inclusive language" for God in seminary, I always wondered why Old Scratch was still male. Though the thought probably comes from Screwtape, I have to chuckle a bit at the fact that he's played in this production by a woman!


Or, if you prefer to listen to John Cleese read the book, you can do so here.

Trumpbots' likely response to Trump's obliteration in November: blame those who tried to stop it!

Somewhere in their heart of hearts, even the Trumpbots know that The Donald is headed for electoral disaster in the Fall.

I asked a while back how they would react when, inevitably, it happens.The likely answer is becoming clearer: by blaming us Never Trumpers for not supporting a candidate we despise, who stands for everything we hate, and whom our consciences simply will not let us support.

That this makes absolutely no sense doesn't matter. But supporting Trump in the first place makes absolutely no sense. Irrational people tend to be irrational, after all.

And of course, none of the blame attaches to those to caused the nomination of an unqualified, mentally unstable and unelectable clown a large part of whose party could not in goog conscience vote for him.

Jonah Goldberg's gloss on all this is, of course, right on target. And so is this article by Ian Tuttle to which he links. In fact, I think it's the most lucid and logical explanation of the inherently irrational …

What Trump did right and Cruz did wrong

interesting article by William Kristol on why Il Duce succeeded in harvesting all that anger among the rank-and-file while Ted Cruz did not.

I think he left out one thing: Cruz is deeply disliked by his colleagues in the Senate and an awful lot of other Republicans. Not that Trump is liked. Rather my point is that Cruz's traditional, by-the-numbers campaign had an additional disadvantage Kristol doesn't mention: the candidate.

Graphic by DonkeyHotey

Ok. This isn't hard, people

No, Donald Trump is not entitled to receive the Republican presidential nomination- until and unless he receives the votes of 1,237 delegates. Those are the rules.

Ben Shapiro herein simply, carefully, and patiently explains why no, just because Donald Trump has gotten more primary votes than anyone else, that doesn't make his nomination "the will of the people," why democracy does not demand that the convention in Cleveland nominate him, and while if he doesn't have the 1,237 delegates required to win the nomination in Cleveland the convention should feel perfectly free to nominate somebody else.

There is nothing less fair than to change the rules in the middle of the game so that you win.

Any questions?

Boycotting Target is complicated

I am one of those who doesn't intend to shop at Target again until the store provides restroom access for people uncomfortable with sharing such facilities with folks of the opposite biological gender. Notice that I did not say that I am opposed to bathrooms which may be used by people of either gender, whatever label they choose to wear. But those who are understandably uncomfortable with such an arrangement should have an option.

But while many people are unaware of it, there's another boycott of Target going on. It seems that Target has contributed to candidates who support traditional marriage. Horrors! So the bigots on the other side of the gender-bending divide are already boycotting the store social conservatives are now boycotting.

This is getting confusing. If it produces a certain amount of ambivalence where Target is concerned among those of us who oppose marriage re-definition on one hand but also think that women who are not comfortable with sharing a toilet faci…

Donald's Trump's Greatest Hits

I simply don't understand people who vote for this guy. Surely anybody who has even paid attention knows that he's totally ignorant about stuff high school kids need to know in order to pass civics class and couldn't even pass the test to become a U.S. citizen. He has no idea what judges do, or what the Bill of Rights is all about. He's probably the biggest hypocrite to run for president in my lifetime, an emotional infant, a pathological liar, a narcissist, and in general the northernmost end of a southbound horse.

This is the second time today I've ha to apologize for the language in a video, and this time, I can't blame the liberals. But this stuff needs to be out there. Nobody should be able to plead ignorance. I mean, guys, ...  see the picture above. Putting this guy's finger on the button is a hell of a way to vent your anger.

 People need to have their faces rubbed in the truth about this jerk before it's too late. The stakes are....dare I say …

The Great Divider

The damage Donald Trump has done to the Republican party, to the electoral process, and potentially to the nation is incalculable.

At a time when we desperately lead a uniter to lead a nation already at war with itself, Trump himself has become the source of a new division so deep that it may never be bridged.

Fredrick Buechner once defined lust as "the craving of a man dying of thirst in the desert for salt." There's a deep perversity in human nature, a brokenness the Faith calls "original sin."  Anybody who doubts it needs only to look at the condition of or society and our culture and reflect that at this moment in history the front-runner of our of our great political parties is Donald Trump, and the other is Hillary Rodham Clinton.

We really like our salt, it seems


I just got an email from Ted Cruz announcing that if he's nominated Carly Fiorina will be his running mate. Interesting choice, and I approve.

On the other hand, he explained that he was letting me know before the official announcement because I was "one of his earliest and most important supporters." Odd, since although I would vote for him over Hillary and have made no secret of the fact that I prefer him to Trump, I have never supported Cruz and in fact don't like him very much. Further, I think he has only a marginally better chance of beating Hillary than Trump has, and Trump has none at all.

Oh, well. It's nice to have my lukewarm and unwilling potential support appreciated. I guess.

Graphic by DonkeyHotey

A study in "progressive" tolerance

Please excuse the potty-mouthed progressives.

Laughing at liberals: usually the appropriate response

Please excuse the crudity of the last joke. But this video is too good not to share- and after all, despite the provocation, the guy behaved himself the rest of the time.

Oh, please!

And so it begins...

The Cubs' star pitcher is being accused on the basis of no evidence but his excellence of using performance-enhancing drugs.

I love his response, though!

Meanwhile... how good is this guy? Well, listen while some Chicago sports writers have to say about him. And look at his numbers.

Not to worry!

Even the Washington Post

It's really sad when the usually goofy Washington Post has more common sense about America and its role in the world than Republicans like Ron Paul and various other libertarians and paleoconservatives.

The chaos in the international order that would result from our withdrawing from our leadership role in the world would be catastrophic. Not even many of our critics want that. And Paul and the other isolationist zanies to the contrary, even with a the blunders, mistakes and even crimes of which the United States has been guilty over the years, on balance the leadership and the stability it has provided has been so overwhelmingly a force for good that no reasonable person wants us to abandon it, ever if he or she is critical of how it's been used at times.

Maybe WaPo has some residual contact with the real world after all. Not much, mind you, but some. Maybe they can build on that.

Il Duce sweeps all five Eastern primaries

The Donald swept all five primaries tonight by big margins, bringing him closer to the nomination, the Republican party as we know it closer to death- and hopefully Bill Kristol and those working with hm closer to pulling the trigger on a conservative third party.

I just don't see how reasonable people can continue to be Republicans if Trump is nominated. A member of the party of Trump is just not something an intelligent human being should want to be. The consequences of Trump's nomination go far beyond handing the presidency to Hillary Clinton on a silver platter; the  moral stain on the party's brand will last for years and years if it ever goes away. The GOP will be seen as the "Crackpot Party" for the foreseeable future, and the Democratic radicals will run wild.

I will never understand how so many people can be so clueless. To paraphrase Churchill, never in the field of history have so many so thoughtlessly and so unnecessarily done such damage to their own…

Is A Song of Ice and Fire post-apocalyptic?

Was The Long Winter a nuclear winter? I'm not sure I buy it, but this is some interesting stuff, fellow geeks.

Yes, Russia DOES need to hear NATO roar

The political purging of Curt Schilling

Good article here by Andrew Claven  on ESPN's political purge firing of Curt Schilling. 

The Target hoax aside, social conservatives need to boycott both ESPN and Target. The totalitarian left cannot be allowed to continue to get away with the politics of intimidation and coercion. To coin a phrase, that's not who we are.

And btw, I'm still not using Firefox or Thunderbird, even though they were respectively my browser and email client of choice.  There are, to paraphrase Bruce Springsteen, more important things than software.

Like freedom.

The rest will do us good

The Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup in alternate years, and this wasn't our year. We lost Game Seven to the St. Louis Blues tonight, 3-2. Seabrook had a shot bounce off BOTH posts in the closing minutes.

C'est la vie, as they say in Montreal. One thing we can count on from Stan Bowman is that he'll fix what's broken over the summer. We didn't have the depth this year we've had in the past. That will change.

I guess turnabout is fair play after the NLDS last Fall. Maybe the Blues will win their first Stanley Cup this year. They've had an excellent team for years but have never managed to get it together. As  a Cubs fan, I can identify. They should have gone deeper into the playoffs years ago. Best of luck to them.

Now I can turn my attention to rooting my Cubs home to their first world championship since 1908 this season, while looking forward to a strengthened, rested, and highly motivated Blackhawks team mounting a drive to take back our Cup next Spring.

RETRACTION:Story on Target bathroom reversal was A HOAX. The boycott is still on!

It seems that the news story I reported about Target reversing its decision to open its restrooms to anybody of either gender was a hoax.

The policy apparently remains- and the boycott is still on.

Sorry to have misled you. I was punked.

Is this the conservative third party candidate- or dark horse nominee at a deadlocked GOP convention?

Very few Americans have heard of Gen. James "Mad Dog" Mattis. But a small group of influential Republican donors and activists think he should be our next president- and might be the way to avoid the unthinkable dilemma of having to choose between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

The idea of an unknown coming out of nowhere to become president isn't unheard of. James Garfield was drafted by the Republicans and actually defeated Winfield Scott Hancock in 1880. Although he lost to Franklin Roosevelt, few people knew businessman Wendell Wilkie before the Republicans nominated him in 1940. But true "drafts" are rare, and the odds would be long.

Still, in a crazy election year like this one, who knows- especially when the country is facing such a potentially unpopular choice, and the supply of viable options is so limited?

HT; Real Clear World

Jon Snow. Now that I've gotten your attention...

I'm a Song of Ice and Fire fan based on the books. I haven't seen the TV series; I don't have cable. I'm looking forward to seeing them eventually, but it's interesting to listen to the talk about the series while still envisioning the characters as I see them in my mind's eye. And, at least until now, I've enjoyed knowing what's happening next while friends who are only watching the series on TV are still guessing.

That ended, of course, with the last book. I'm left, just like everybody else, with Jon Snow lying dead on the ground in the snow. Foreshadowing? The end of his identity as Jon Snow (Snow. Get it?)? I'm probably committing the common English teacher error of seeing all kinds of literary devices and symbolism and stuff everywhere when all the time a cigar is merely a cigar, to use Freud's phrase. But I wonder because I've heard a couple of theories which would fit in with the snow pun being intended, or at least relevant

The f…

The Never Trump dilemma: go ahead with a third party, or risk everything on stopping Trump at Cleveland?

It's becoming increasingly less certain that Donald Trump will be the nominee at Cleveland. Ironically, there's a sense in which that's a problem for the Never Trump movement: if a conservative third party bid is going to be launched, it will have to happen by mid-June at the latest. What happens if it's still not clear by then that Trump will win at Cleveland? And what happens if the third party goes ahead, and Ted Cruz or a dark horse ends up as the Republican nominee?

Bill Kristol continues to agitate for a third party and talked about it today with George Stephanopolous. I agree with Kristol that it's important that those of us who cannot in conscience vote for either Trump or Hillary have a place to stand other than the options of staying home or voting for some crackpot candidate from an existing third party who represents us no better than Trump or Clinton does. But there's another problem. Whoever makes the race will do so in the certain knowledge that …

This cartoon is right on Target. So to speak.

Men do not become women by "identifying" as women or even by having surgery and hormone treatments any more than surgery and hormone treatments or self-identification makes a dog a cat.

They just become mutilated men. Or dogs.

This is NOT the issue in the bathroom controversy. The safety of women from non-transgendered perverts posing as transgendered people is the issue there. But the fundamental sickness of this whole "gender identity " nonsense is nevertheless a very important, though separate,  issue in our increasingly warped and sexually  confused society.

More bad journalism on the bathroom issue from

Interesting tweet from Snopes. com:

A new transgender bathroom policy at @Target is real, and it's fabulous: — (@snopes) April 20, 2016
So much for any pretense by Snopes that it's objective about this issue, or that it is a debunker of rather than a source of biased Internet misinformation.

This time, Bernie and Hillary make more sense!

And now,  Bad Lip Reading's version of the last Democratic debate.'s dishonest distortion of the bathroom issue has "debunked" a story about a man dressing as a woman who filmed real women using the bathroom in California. The trouble is that the story is mostly true- not, as Snopes claims, "mostly false. "

James Pomere's arrest for dressing as a woman and filming women in public bathrooms was reported by Breitbart (not, admittedly, the most reliable of sources) as having taken place "over the weekend." In fact, it occurred in 2013. But other than that, the distorting of the facts is done by Snopes, not by Breitbart.

First, nobody to my knowledge claims, as the Snopes account implies, that the man actually was transgendered. The implication  buys into the dishonest narrative that people who support the North Carolina "bathroom law" or elements of it are afraid of misbehavior by gays (!) and transgendered people in women's bathrooms. It's a necessary lie in order to preserve the false and dishonest argument that the North Carolina la…

Trump joins the gender benders

The Trumpmeister, it seems, has joined the clamor for compulsory co-ed bathrooms.

Social conservative. Uh-huh.

Anyway, the left's assault on traditional mores and common sense has chosen its new battleground,  and instead of guns we're going to be hearing the sound of flushing toilets. Punctuated periodically, of course, by the sound of women and girls screaming.

You know, yesterday I had to point out four times in the same thread on Facebook that we who think the North Carolina law is not only not discriminatory but a good idea are not worried about anybody being molested by transgendered people, and certainly not by gays. It's that opening up access to the ladies' room to any and all men is going to make our mothers, wives, sisters, daughters half the time ourselves vulnerable to specifically heterosexual perverts who very definitely identify as men.

But to recognize that fact would require the social revolutionaries to abandon the narrative and stop portraying them…

There are fine lines these days between polite language, vulgar language, and politically incorrect language

Joe Maddon, the manager of the Cubs, was asked a while back what the Cubs' game plan for the season would be. "Try not to suck," he replied. The phrase became the theme of a T-shirt sold to benefit charity.

And the Cardinals- who have an aversion to the word "suck," not allowing T-shirts using the word into Busch Stadium even when they refer to cancer- promptly banned the shirts bearing the Maddon phrase as well, asking Cub fans wearing them to the recent series between the two teams to either remove them or turn them inside out.

On one hand, in today's culture, the word even when as a synonym for "behave or perform badly" is not considered vulgar. Maddon- perhaps tongue in cheek- claims not to even understand why anybody would consider it offensive. The reason, of course, is that the term achieved its meaning in the sense that Maddon used it as a synonym for fellatio. I find it a little hard to believe that Joe doesn't realize that.

But it&#…

"Showtime" strikes- and it's a good night!

The Hawks just beat the Blues 4-3 in double overtime on a goal by Patrick Kane. They not only stay alive in their defense of the Stanley Cup but have taken back home-ice advantage and can tie the series at three games each Saturday night in Chicago.

Together with Jake Arrieta's no-hitter, this has been a pretty good night!

It would certainly be a welcome experience for this Chicago exile to see the Blackhawks repeat as Stanley Cup champs and the Cubs win their first World Series since 1908 in the same year. And hey- the Bears are going to be good this year too!

Better look at Kane's game-winner. Nasty.— Aldo Soto (@AldoSoto21) April 22, 2016

Arrieta does it again

Jake Arrieta of my Cubs, last year's National League Cy Young award winner who threw his first no-hitter against the Dodgers last season, threw another one against the Reds tonight.

Final score: Cubs 16, Cincy 0.

ESPN fires Curt Schilling not for expressing a controversial position, but for expressing a controversial CONSERVATIVE position

ESPN has fired sports commentator and former major league pitcher Curt Schilling for reposting the meme at the left on Facebook.

To the meme, Schilling added, "A man is a man no matter what they call themselves. I don’t care what they are, who they sleep with, men’s room was designed for the penis, women’s not so much. Now you need laws telling us differently? Pathetic.”

It's a terrible thing to point out that ladies' rooms don't have urinals.

So ESPN fired him, thereby proving his point. Schilling had earlier been removed as an announcer for the Little League World Series because of a very reasonable comparison of extremist Muslims- not Muslims generally, mind you, but the likes of bin Laden and ISIS- to Hitler.

ESPN defends itself by responding that as a medium of pubic information it has every right to defend itself from controversial statements by its employees which might reflect badly upon it. It might even be possible to take that remark seriously if it fired …

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And remember... once you visit Miskatonic, you will never visit elsewhere!

          An equal opportunity nightmare

Hobson's choice

There will be a lot of whining in coming months (and I'll be contributing mightily to it) about the Hobson's choice we're going to be facing this November between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. A "Hobson's choice," for the uninitiated, is a choice in which there are two options: 1) take it, or 2) leave it.

I personally plan to leave it. If the choice is indeed between Hillary and Il Duce, I'll do what I've never done before: stay home on Election Day. I see no virtue in casting my vote for some third party crackpot I agree with no more than I agree with the non-choices the major parties would in that case be offering, and I consider the very offering of that Hobson's choice to be a clear signal that the system itself is so broken that not participating in it at all- even down to the level of the gutless state and local officials who could have resisted Trump when it might have done some good, and didn't- would be my most appropriate and pe…

I have to agree that these T-shirts- both of them- are funny

The problem- and it's a big one- is that too many people on both ends of the political spectrum don't have a sense of humor. They either don't laugh at good-natured, hyperbolic ribbing along ideological lines, or- probably more common and even worse- don't realize that it's a joke.

That said, what the "Powerline" post has to say needs expanding on. The thing is a two-edged sword.

I've spent a lot of time on this blog criticizing Donald Trump, whom I believe is a true threat to our democratic values, the moral survival (and perhaps he actual survival) of the Republican party, the Bill of Rights, the moral and spiritual condition of our nation, and perhaps even our national security. Let it be said that I also think that Bernie Sanders (even more than Hillary Clinton) is naive, economically illiterate, and would also be a disaster as president.

But he is not a Marxist, as people I like and respect repeatedly claim. And while I agree that his values are…

As hoaxes go this one takes the cake

Pseudopastor Jordan Brown, who doesn't think much of what Scripture teaches about human sexuality, recently received a great deal of publicity when he falsely accused Whole Foods of putting a slur on his own sexuality on a cake he ordered (see right). As Mollie Ziegler Hemingway conclusively demonstrates, they did no such thing.

But she does point out useful lessons from the incident on how to bamboozle a credulous and generally good-hearted public when trying to win illicit sympathy.

More of this kind of thing goes on than you'd think. In fairness, it's not limited to the Left (I remember an incident during the 2008 campaign in which a Republican worker falsely accused Democrats of assaulting her and inscribing slogans on her face). But given the  Left's particular penchant for appealing to the emotions rather than the intellect,  it would make sense for all of us to fortify ourselves with an extra bit of prophylactic scepticism when a people whose entire argument an…

As big as it is, the experts say that our navy is too small

The United States has the largest fleet in the world. We have more aircraft carriers, for example, than the rest of the world combined. But China's naval capabilities are  growing- even though they remain far behind- and experts say that the U.S. Navy needs some serious upgrading if it's going to be able to do its job.

The Obama administration, like the Clinton administration before it, has let our strategic capabilities deteriorate. The Clinton neglect of our intelligence capabilities was a major contributor to 9/11 (or "Seven Eleven," as Trump calls it). A goodly portion of Dubya's swollen budget had to be devoted to fixing what Clinton broke in order to balance his.

Hopefully, his wife will be wiser.

HT: Real Clear Defense

The spirit of Seven Eleven triumphs in New York

Well, The Donald absolutely crushed the New York primary. No doubt voters were moved by his emotional evocation of Seven Eleven yesterday. No doubt it caused many a Big Gulp among those choking back tears.

I continue to be bemused by the fact that so many people can be so readily taken in by a con artist who may push the right buttons, but when it comes down to it really isn't. all that smart. Even odder is the fact that Trump loyalists remain convinced- despite all the evidence to the contrary- that their man is not only going to win in November but win big.

When he is, in fact, crushed at the polls (assuming that it's he, rather than Ted Cruz, who receives the crushing), no doubt both he and his followers will whine that everybody in the country cheated and conspired against them or something. Hey. A guy who thinks he's entitled to the nomination whether or not he gets the delegates is very likely to think that he's entitled to be elected, too- and to be outraged tha…

Am I the only one who is finding it hard to care at this point?

Today is the New York Primary.


Let's get Cleveland over with already. There is no longer any drama in the question of who is going to lose to Hillary Clinton this November.

Well, Ok. I would rather it was Ted Cruz rather than Donald Trump because the GOP could survive nominating Cruz, at least in some form. It might even be better off by getting rid of the Trump wing. It would remain a party to which decent people could belong without shame or embarassment.

But that's not the most exciting reason in the world for paying attention to an election in which so much that is wrong could have been set right if the rank-and-file of the Republican party weren't crazy.

A rant about bathrooms, honesty and common sense

This is something so obvious that it shouldn't need to be said. Unfortunately, it does.

The Left is perpetuating the red herring that those of us who think it reasonable that the bathroom one uses should correspond to one's genitals are afraid of gay, lesbian and/or transgendered people attacking helpless women. This is utter nonsense- as I cannot help but believe that those who use this absurd argument realize.

No rational person is afraid of gay, lesbian or transgendered people. The issue is heterosexual perverts being enabled by gaining access to women's locker rooms and bathrooms. The issue is the rather obvious point that while simple courtesy and the awareness of the unique status of certain specific bathrooms generally avoids problems in isolated gender-neutral bathrooms, opening locker rooms and bathrooms generally to people of either gender is going to enable child molestation and rape.

The issue is that women who are very reasonably uncomfortable about sharing b…

And his supporters.....!

This may explain why Trump keeps winning.

A poll four months ago showed that 41% of his supporters were in favor of bombing Agrabah- the totally fictitious city in which the Disney movie Aladdin takes place.

And that's not all!

Donald Trump thinks that Paris is in Germany.

HT: Reverb Press

...And you just KNOW he's going to get away with this, too!

Campaigning on the eve of the New York primary, The Donald shares his memories of a tragic day in the history of New York and the nation.


The only doofuses bigger than Donald Trump are the people who take him seriously as anything but a threat. I'm not even going to get into the subject of people who actually vote for the clown.

The Great Doofus Rebellion of 2016

Almost identical percentages of Republican voters say that they will refrain from voting for a 2016 GOP nominee who is or who is not Donald Trump. Some of the polls, of course, say that the percentage who would not vote for Trump is even higher.

But either way, for a third of the party rank-and-file to desert it in November would certainly doom it to a crushing defeat which would probably cost it at least one and possibly both houses of Congress, as well as numerous governorships and state legislatures. And no matter what happens at Cleveland, at this point, such a rebellion appears inevitable. An election the Republicans simply could not lose has been transformed by Trump and the Great Doofus Rebellion of 2016 into a certain disaster.

I am one of the anti-Trump crowd. And our opposition to Il Duce goes far beyond simply not voting for him. It's hard for me- and for a lot of us- to imagine continuing to consider ourselves Republicans if Trump is the nominee. An authoritarian, rac…

Passing thought..

Equal time

Lest you think that The Donald is the only scary thing happening in American politics this year, imagine this for four years:

Responding to The Boss

I really hope Bruce Springsteen actually read this letter. But somehow, I doubt it.

His behavior with regard to his North Carolina concert is not that of a reasonable or open-minded man. And as his fellow politically correct types on campus have taught us so well, one dare not allow oneself to be presented with opinions which differ from one's own.

That's a microaggression and might lead to learning something. And who knows where that road leads? Why a person might wind up thinking for himself.

Or simply thinking at all.