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Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan endorses Trump


The Screwtape Letters: The Play

Trumpbots' likely response to Trump's obliteration in November: blame those who tried to stop it!

What Trump did right and Cruz did wrong

Ok. This isn't hard, people

Boycotting Target is complicated

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The Great Divider


A study in "progressive" tolerance

Laughing at liberals: usually the appropriate response

Oh, please!

Not to worry!

Even the Washington Post

Il Duce sweeps all five Eastern primaries

Is A Song of Ice and Fire post-apocalyptic?

Yes, Russia DOES need to hear NATO roar

The political purging of Curt Schilling

The rest will do us good

RETRACTION:Story on Target bathroom reversal was A HOAX. The boycott is still on!

Is this the conservative third party candidate- or dark horse nominee at a deadlocked GOP convention?

Jon Snow. Now that I've gotten your attention...

The Never Trump dilemma: go ahead with a third party, or risk everything on stopping Trump at Cleveland?

Hey, Bernie!

This cartoon is right on Target. So to speak.

More bad journalism on the bathroom issue from

This time, Bernie and Hillary make more sense!'s dishonest distortion of the bathroom issue

Trump joins the gender benders

There are fine lines these days between polite language, vulgar language, and politically incorrect language

How Barack blew it in Europe

"Showtime" strikes- and it's a good night!

Arrieta does it again

ESPN fires Curt Schilling not for expressing a controversial position, but for expressing a controversial CONSERVATIVE position

(Adverisement) Looking for an...UNUSUAL... educational experience? (Advertisement)

Hobson's choice

I have to agree that these T-shirts- both of them- are funny

Democratic values, anyone? Any kind of values, anyone?

As hoaxes go this one takes the cake


As big as it is, the experts say that our navy is too small

The spirit of Seven Eleven triumphs in New York

Am I the only one who is finding it hard to care at this point?

A rant about bathrooms, honesty and common sense

And his supporters.....!

And that's not all!

...And you just KNOW he's going to get away with this, too!

The Great Doofus Rebellion of 2016

Passing thought..

Equal time

Responding to The Boss