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Remember this?

Pretty much

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Pressured into aborting twins, British artist hangs herself

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Brit journalist: 'Obama is a dangerous left winger'

A good question, nicht wahr?

One way to help with the strain on our global military capabilities

The New York Times is looking really, really bad right now

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As of last night...

Total eclipse of the moon Wednesday night

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Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews

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Is ideology- as opposed to philosophy- a form of mental illness?

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Top shrink explains liberals... er, progressives: They're nuts!

Apropos of which...

This is what Obama and company want us to surrender to

The next MLB phenom

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Michael Reagan: 'The Gipper' would back McCain

'Poppy' to back McCain

Vlad slams Hillary upside the... oh, wait. He says she doesn't have one!

My prayers are with the NIU community