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To Tom Ricketts, the Cubs' new owner....

Their god is their gonads

Dr. Duane Priebe- professor emeritus of systematic theology at myalma mater,Wartburg Theological Seminary in Dubuque, Iowa- would never come right out and state that everybody will eventually go to heaven. He merely allowed for the possibility- as does the dognatics textbook by Carl Braaten and Richard Jenson which was standard in ALC seminaries back then.

But the message of justification by grace, for Christ's sake, without faith certainly got through in his lectures, and infected class after class of future pastors. There are faddish ideas that can be reconciled to Lutheranism only by such incredible intellectual gymnastics that one wonders why anyone would bother. But Dr. Priebe would often find a way.

His favorite theologian was WolfhartPannenburg. Not, mind you, that Dr. Priebe would necessarily commit exclusively to one particular theological system, as opposed to others which might even directly conflict with it. Suffice it to say that Dr. Priebe will never be confused wi…

Sometimes God isn't subtle

Here is more on the sudden, small tornado which developed over downtown Minneapolis yesterday afternoon, knocked the cross from the steeple of Central Lutheran Church (the Holy of Holies for Minnesota's ELCA) precisely at the time when, next door, discussion was scheduled to begin on the social statement which declared anal intercourse between men the moral equivalent of conjugal relations between husband and wife, did minor damage to the arena in which the Churchwide Assembly itself was being held- and then, simply dissipated.
One delegate actually expressed the hope that the weather was not a commentary on what the church was in the process of doing. It was supposed to be a joke. It is not recorded whether anyone laughed.
Sometimes, it seems, God isn't particularly subtle.
HT: Lori Sievert

ADDENDUM: According to Dr. Robert Benne, the statement passed with exactly 66.6% of the vote.

Honesty is the best policy

While the trouble the gay community has with monogamy is a commonplace- freely admitted by gays, as a rule, when they aren't trying to promote the concept of gay "marriage-" the Dutch study which is often used to document that difficulty in fact does not offer support for the conclusion that "married" gay men are nearly as promiscuous as those who cite it claim, nor that gay "marriages" tend to be as short-lived as is claimed. The study based on a study of legally-partnered AIDS patients, and not of legally partnered gay men as a group. So what it says about "married" gay AIDS patients cannot be fairly extraoplated to prove anything in particular about "married" gay Dutch men in general.
I've just deleted a post from several years ago based on that study. The fact that monogamy is not necessarily an expectation for "married" gays stands- but it seems that the statistics I quoted are a distortion of the data, so I wan…

Sometimes, deviled eggs hatch

Central Lutheran Church in Minneapolis was, to a member of The American Lutheran Church, about as close as a church could get to what St. Peter's Basillica in Rome is to a Roman Catholic. It remains, even after the 1988 merger, the holiest ELCA shrine in Minneapolis.
Yesterday morning a breakfast was served at Central Lutheran to delegates to the ELCA's Churchwide Assembly. As events progressed toward last night's official declaration by the ELCA that anal intercourse between two men is the moral equivalent of conjugal relations between a husband and his wife, a delegate was heard to ask, "What did they serve at that breakfast? Deviled eggs?"
As Pomeraneus reports in a comment on my previous entry, as the Churchwide Assembly moved last night toward its vote on the sexuality statement, a small tornado hit downtown Minneapolis and knocked the cross off the steeple at Central Lutheran.
Eisegete that.

It is finished: the ELCA renounces biblical sexual ethics

Friday's anticlimactic vote on actively gay pastors could theoretically still go either way- apparently some delegates had left the hall for dinner- but the "Evangelical" "Lutheran" "Church" in America has, by a single vote, approved a social statement declaring the essentially mythological beast (at least among males) the "chaste, monogamous and lifelong" homosexual relationship to be OK with its god.
That such relationships are so rare as to be almost imaginary seems not to have mattered. And in view of this act of apostasy, the outcome of Friday's vote hardly matters: the ELCA has finally renounced biblical sexual ethics once and for all.
Yet the laity of the ELCA will, for the most part, doubtless continue to rationalize remaining a part of this cult- which simply cannot credibly be seen, at this point, as worshiping the God of the New Testament. But from this point forward, to continue as a member of the ELCA is to be an accomplice in…

Homosexualists win procedural vote in Minneapolis

The homosexualists in Minneapolis won a major victory yesterday on a procedural vote.
It seems that while adopting a social statement or amending the ELCA Constituiton requires a two-thirds majority vote, overthrowing the clear teaching of Scripture regarding homosexuality and changing two thousand years of Christian teaching and practice will require only a simple majority.

Tales from the darkside

The Churchwide Assembly the ELCA nomenclatura has been working toward ever since the 1988 merger is now in session in Minneapolis. This is it, people. The long effort of the Powers that Be in the ELCA to force homosexuality down the throats, so to speak, of the church's laity will culminate in final success at this convention.

Only the naive believe that the assurances that nobody will be forced to act contrary to their "bound consciences" with regard to gay pastors or gay "marriage" are worth the paper they're printed on. The entire logic of the homosexualist position is that rejection of active homosexuality on moral grounds constitutes "discrimination" against gays. The difference between rejecting a race or ethnic group and rejecting behavior escapes the sexual Left; after all, they reason, if homosexuality is inborn (or at least a matter beyond a person's control), then to disapprove of it is bigotry. The thought that one could choose, on…

So speaks Wolfhart Pannenberg

“If a church were to let itself be pushed to the point where it ceased to treat homosexual activity as a departure from the biblical norm, and recognized homosexual unions as a personal partnership of love equivalent to marriage, such a church would stand no longer on biblical ground but against the unequivocal witness of Scripture. A church that took this step would cease to be the one, holy, catholic, and apostolic church.”

Thus does the favorite theologian of one of my most liberal seminary profs unchurch, to all practical purposes, the church body which ordained both of us. And rightly so.

HT: Rev. Paul McCain

ADDENDUM: The full article can be found here.

Do people who use these words really not realize this, or do they just not care?


First of all, let it be said that despite being a clergyman of a conservative Christian tradition, I personally am not hypersensitive to bad and even vulgar language. To be honest, when a youth group member has stood up in a canoe and dumped me into a river, or a tire has gone flat on the way to visit a shut-in who lives in the uncharted depths of Darkest Iowa, I myself have been known at times to use language not generally associated with my profession.

That said, I was not raised to use bad language. In fact, I have always been mindful of the observation of my Uncle Walt- a professional journalist- that those who use such language demonstrate at least the presumptive lack of an adequate vocabulary.

Anyway, I have a bone to pick with a contemporary development in popular English.

For a long time, people without the guts to use the other "F word-" for which it is a synomym- have used another expression which I think of as "the chicken word." First, it rhym…

Stossel exposes Canada's health care system

Seems that ABC's John Stossel blew the argument for socialized medicine out of the water Friday night with his expose on the Canadian and British systems- as well as a clip of President Obama saying during the primaries that he'd like to see us go there.

Anybody interested in the issues surrounding the debate about how health care is provided in this country needs to read the article linked to above- and if possible somehow, see the Stossel segment.