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Read it and weep, Donald. And whine.

Also sprach John Cleese

Increase your vocabulary!

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And speaking of secession...

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The myth of Donald Trump

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John Trump wins

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Sometimes walls are metaphorical

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Scampaign 2016

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The murder of 21 Christian martyrs is more newsworthy than the death of a single gorilla


The struggle with Trumpism is a world-wide struggle

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I never knew about these trees

She won't do it.

I wonder whether Ramsay Bolton made his own gravy?


If the Obama admnistration made horror movies...

Why should this be a surprise to anybody?

Any questions, Trumpfolk?

How would President Trump respond on 7/ll?

The thing I love about Trump

Americans dislike Trump more than Putin!

They love him in Hollywood, too.

They love him in Japan.

Trump: 'I have not yet begun to make an ass of myself!'

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Trump's last three weeks

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It seems like it's been forever

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It's starting