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Establishing secularism as our state religion

Don't read this if you like eating figs

Sorry to break this to you, but eisegesis doesn't save.

If Trump leaves any kind of positive legacy, this may be it

Obama's foreign policy in a nutshell

Like, wow! Your nose is like a red lightbulb, dude!

Bad news, good news, and more bad news about Zika

Americans desperately need this

Iowa professor worries that the school's mascot will scare students

Would-be Trump and Johnson voters would do well to listen

Nate Silver says that Trump is now slightly less unlikely to catch Hillary

The Libertarian Party is a joke- and Gary Johnson is not an option for conservatives

The man just can't help himself

(I live in Iowa, so I"m saying this very softly!)

John McCain gets the last laugh on Don the Con

As Donald Trump implodes...

Does Daenerys' vision foreshadow the winner of the 'Game of Thrones?'

A habitable planet in the star system next door?

Rubio, Hillary headed for big wins in Florida

Here's the question, reluctant Trump voters

Wouldn't it be nice to have a president we can be proud of?

OK. Let's get this straight

And, in summary....

And then, there's this

When a Democrat can run an ad like this, the Republicans are in trouble

Hillary's secret weapon

Sanders supporters backing McMullin?

Good news for The Donald in Utah, though

...And it keeps getting worse for The Donald

Despite alt-reality hallucinations about him winning, Trump is now tied with Hillary in red, red South Carolina

Unacceptable behavior- by the Red Cross

Trump Psychosis: the mindset of the alt.reality crowd

"Ray Bradbury Theater" is on YouTube!

I take no pleasure in saying 'I told you so,' but I told you so

The Trumpster is headed for the dumpster

Poor Marco!

The Trumplings encounter Evan McMullin

Skilled businessman? Trump's companies are $650 million in debt!

And as for the Democrats...

There is ANOTHER choice: you can vote for the grownup!

McMullin: Trump couldn't get a security clearance if he wasn't the GOP nominee!

It's good not to be disenfranchised anymore!

You can shop at Target again!

History's first totally self-inflicted landslide defeat

The only Triumph the Trump campaign will encounter this year

Harry Reid dares The Donald to take a citizenship test. I think he'd flunk it.

Bye-bye, Donald!

Luther's first hymn

What is Trump wasting his cash on?

I'm speechless. Trump performs that miracle regularly.

Perhaps I spoke too soon about the Senate. And if so, the Trumpkins have even more to answer for

The writing is on the wall, Trump supporters

Our deepest look into the Orion nebula

The upcoming crunching of Cheeto Prime

It now looks like Hillary will be elected- and unable to get her Supreme Court nominees confirmed

THIS IS GREAT! Trumpkins argue that HILLARY is nuts!

Evan McMullin's campaign kickoff speech

An historic moment for Dishonest Don

The elephant tries to stop being an ass