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Election Day Minus Six: Uh-oh!

A blessed Reformation Day

Election Day Minus Seven: In the eye of the storm

Getting a few things straight

Election Day Minus Eight: Battleground Poll predicts four-point Romney win

Bears 24, Panthers 23

Election Day Minus Nine: Down the home stretch

Squadrons of winged pigs block out Iowa sun as the Register endorses Romney!

Northwestern 28, Iowa 17

Election Day Minus Ten: What's going to happen

Election Day Minus Eleven: Where have we heard this before?

Keep in mind that this speech is being given in OHIO

Now, about requiring religious organizations to violate their beliefs through their employee health plans...

Election Day Minus Twelve: POTUS fertilizes the campaign rhetoric a bit

What is past is prologue


Wha' the hae'?

Reuters: White House knew militants were claiming responsibility for Benghazi within two hours of attack!

Election Day Minus Thirteen: The state of the race

The state of the race on 10/23

Bears 13, Detroit 7

Will Romney win the election by losing the last debate?

Ok. It's a little late for St. Michael and All Angels.

Last dance for Obama and Romney

The ice age arrives in the infernal regions

Good likeness, too

Shut up, Donald.

The race for the White House: It's all about the electoral vote

George McGovern comes home, America

Anything can happen in this election

Wonder why California is a blue state?

Denial, as they say ....

Romney v. Obama: News from the front

Dead diplomat's mom thinks Obama's comments less than 'optimal'

Obama's pension is bigger than Romney's- and Obama DOES have investments in the Caymans!

Newsweek meets a well-deserved end. Sort of.


Round Two: In the last analysis, a draw

Gallup: Romney leads by four points among likely voters

An Obama-Crowley tag team after all?

Joe Biden's reign of error continues

Now THAT is wind!

Niall Ferguson on Joe the Clown