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Hugo Chavez, too, appears on underpasses, it seems

Happy Reformation Day

Stephen King gets his domes confused

Richard Dawkins is sure Obama is an atheist- and that JFK was, too

Divided we're falling

Mugged by reality

A 'Lost World' gets found

And it's not just talking about the Obamacare website!

Incest is on the rise- between the Obama administration and the media

Atheists please read this

The iniquity of fried chicken

Jeb Bush talks a little sense

What's filthy, blood-spattered, and "spiritually uplifting?"

There isn't much time...

Good- and good for you?

Before you eat that chicken nugget....

This is a parody

An interesting question

Yes, maybe Jeb SHOULD be the next nominee

Christie withdraws gay "marriage" appeal. Is Jeb the only viable option left for sane Republicans in 2016?

A hippie Pope?

War is peace, truth is falsehood, Christians should approve of homosexual behavior, and we have ALWAYS been at war with East Asia

Utter, blasphemous nonsense

Beware of climate moderation!

Houston Chronicle says it didn't 'unendorse' Cruz after all. It just misses sanity.

You're not going to believe this

Is there such a thing as "loose cannon law" in the Catholic church?

'Oh. And while you're out, pick up some milk and eggs...."

Praying to Jesus doesn't require bleeping

A lie that convinces nobody

Oppose the lies; support the victims

Obama lets Republicans twist slowly in the wind

Gay "marriage" and Massachusetts

Way to go, Sen. Cruz and company!

It works for the Giants, too

Pants on fire

Noonan on the shutdown

'Dead Democrats can vote multilingually now'

Great news : Comet ISON should survive!

Signs of the End Times. Or something.

Sorry, but "Redskins" isn't cool


Douthat's take on Pope Francis


It seems you can't sell your endorsement in the Iowa Caucuses

Welcome to the shallow society

Park Service told to make things "as difficult as possible" for visitors

Lutherans are neither Arminians nor Calvinists

It's only hurting the average American

This pope is turning out to be a disaster for Christianity

Is the tea the Tea Party named after the kind you drink or the kind you smoke?

Rest in peace, Tom Clancy