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The party of the Donkey is making an ass of itself

Can I get an 'amen?' I guess so!

Some time this morning...

I just saw last night's episode of '24'

This is getting ridiculous... and worrisome

Is Jonathan Toews ManBearPig from South Park?

For a preview of the 2012 campaign if Romney is the nominee...

And while the Left whines about the Tea Baggers exercising their freedom of speech....

Outrageous and disgusting

While Obama fiddled....

Even the MSM gets it: Romney can't run against Obamacare

Obama turns a personal Nixon quirk into national policy

Obama makes history- but not the history his supporters think

Arrest made in death threat against a Republican congressman

'Good Friday' not good enough for Davenport

Davenport decides to rename 'Good Friday' 'Spring Holiday'

Nothing like a cold winter...

Does this look like "hundreds of people, perhaps dozens of people" to you?

"A Nazi allusion that may be seized on by Republicans?"


A columnist unclear on the concept

Ack! Hendry is still being Hendry

Breitbart offers $100K for evidence that Tea Baggers used the 'N-word'

McConnell on alternatives to Obamacare

That's Rich!

Well, bless his drunken heart!

GOP likes its chances of re-taking Iowa House

Sarah Palin calls the Left's Tea Party lies exactly what they are

Colbert King is the real fanatic here

'24' is cancelled

Mark B. Lowe is WrongO at RightOSphere

Is it just me...

President Obama's reception in Iowa not unmixed.

And Osama bin Laden will be on Mount Rushmore some day, too

Bounceless Barack

'N-wordgate,' the myth of violent Tea Party, and the manipulation of the media

A day that shall live in infamy, to coin a phrase

Obamacare's collateral damage

Yucking it up with the comedy stylings of Paul Krugman

The foreign policy that couldn't shoot straight

All things are possible if one strives according to the people's will

Not gonna happen.

Barack's buddy all smiles over Obamacare passage

So exactly which side has the violent Neanderthals?

Somebody tell me this site is a joke.

If Rasmussen is right, the Iowa GOP had better nominate Branstad for governor

Bejing is unclear on the concept

Lest the day slip by unnoticed...

Conservative "hater" Coulter silenced in Ottawa by threat of violence by non-hating Leftists

Is Neptune a cannibal planet?

The Last Supper was not supersized

Who says those Democratic congressmen are telling the truth?

New Gallup poll says more like than dislike Obamacare!

This guy is a comer.

The hard Left is firmly in control of the Democratic party

Martian ice

Even the CNN poll shows a majority disapproving of Obama

Ding dong.

Iowans are seeing red when they look at November

It's a done deal

From the White House: The Executive Order

Text of the Executive Order

Press release from House Minority Leader John Boehner on the health care deal

Boehner on that executive order

Happy birthday, JSB!

Stupak caves

It's official

Close, but no cigar- yet

Stupak: 'Close to' deal

Reports conflict on status of deal

The Washington Examiner reports...

Or not!

Hold the presses! Newt says Obama can't make good on that promise

Obama to sign executive order strengthening abortion ban; Stupak and company will vote for the health care bill

BREAKING: Obama strikes deal with pro-life Dems to cinch health care passage- in exchange for strengthened abortion ban!

You can tell it's likely a Republican year

Sometimes it's better to be backward

What can I say?

To sum up, as we await the result of the health care vote...

Hawks lose

So much for media objectivity

Don't look now...

What Obamacare would look like in practice

For the Democrats, winning on health care is a losing proposition

How low will he go?

A petition to the UN

Didja catch this the other night on Leno?


Romney leads Huckabee, Palin in early poll

Say what?

'Vlad the Inhaler' has been smoking something nasty

Fess Parker is dead

CNN and MSNBC have been beaten in the ratings by...

Report: Wisniewski will be suspended for eight games

Gallup, three new polls show more disapproving than approving of President Obama

India, not China, is Asia's economic powerhouse of the future

Dem pollster: Obama, Romney tied in 2012 preview

Odd police sketches

Wisniewski's dirty hit tonight makes Ovechkin's on Sunday look good by comparison

Good luck, Corey!

Try again, Mr. President

Don't play

Give me a break!

Is China's rise in economic power merely a bubble?

More disapprove of Obama than approve: Gallup

If you've got the eardrums, he's got the pipes!

Yes, this Lutheran is wearing green today

Ovechkin apologizes- and Soupy WILL be back this year

Ovechkin gets a two game suspension for likely ending Campbell's season

Oh, please.