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Believe it or not...

Well worth a look

Satan is alive and well- and is currently a free agent

About time!

Helen: "I'll never talk to a reporter again!"

"Come out from among them and be separate!"

About hydrogen-3 and helium-3...

"Jesus isn't in a manger anymore!"

Hi, Kids! It's Mickey! YAYYYYY!

Somehow, I don't think this is the "tree" Scripture speaks of Jesus being on...

A church shouldn't inspire in one the temptation to cuss

You are the embarrassment, Mr. Carter

Our Lady of the Underpass is still a hit- for some

Germans to open super-brothel for World Cup

Astronomers discover tenth planet in Solar System!

The Presidential candidacy of Bill Frist...

More reasons to be purpose-driven in rejecting Rick Warren's legalism


An excellent suggestion

Here you go!

Theological liberalism as unbelief

A date to remember

ABC promises non-partisan'Commander in Chief'

And speaking of media credibility...

Helen needs to retire

Seventeen more bombs found in London attacker's car trunk

Do your job, Judge

Brit hacks US Army computers, will be extradited

We got one of Pearl's killers

Poll re-launch

Bravo, Tim!

Shuttle fleet grounded again after another foam mishap at launch

Warner over Allen for the Senate?

Let me understand this, now...

Things wouldn't have gone better with this coke...

And rightly so!

"...Whoever despises a single word of God does not regard any as important" --Martin Luther

Eric- and Turley- are right

He's coming for you, Cousin Maxine!

Cubs 3, Giants 2

Roberts is right, and Turley is wrong... except for one thing

Wood back on the DL- and then to the bullpen

Apologies to would-be commenters

What's good for the Ginsberg is good for the gander

See Jane run- her mouth. Again.

Two out of three from the Cardinals!

Says who?

Lutheranism 101

Credit author John Camp, aka John Sanford:

This must have hurt!

I'm not sure what to make of this

Lance Armstrong wins his last Tour

House backs Bush space plans

Fork in the road for the Hawks

More good news on the Roberts front

Casey leading Santorum, 52%-41%

The Danger of Gospel-Reductionism

Cubs 6, Cardinals 5

One out of four British Muslims sympathizes with the bombers' motives

It's just not fair!

Howard Dean has a good day. Sort of.

Set your calendar- and your alarm clock!

A response to Josh S., in which I strive to be more civil than he

Roberts, Souter, and the future

It gets a little wearisome, doesn't it?

A good e-mail devotional

Things looking up for Judge Roberts

If you wonder why I left the ELCA....

Petition for Judge Roberts

Teacher: I was fired for being a Republican

They hit London again today

After Iraq, how about Sudan?

It's official, I'm afraid

Uh-oh! Here we go again!

London bombing mastermind has links to bin Laden, aides


The East (of me) isn't going to be Red

Scotty's been beamed up

Bad news for 2006

Wanna know where Roberts stands on abortion?

"We're Number Six! We're Number Six!"

The art of the misleading headline

Bring on the Cardinals!

The good guys are ready

Now here's a good sign!