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Tolerant liberal Cusak calls for "satanic death" of those who disagree with him

And yet, a few people take Ron Paul seriously

Roger Ebert, liberal hypocrite

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By big margin, Louisianans say that Bush handled Katrina better than Obama handled the oil spill

Remember the 2000 election in Florida?

New York cabbie attacked with knife- for being a Muslim

Recession- or depression?

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Closest twins yet to solar system, Earth discovered

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Blago convicted on one count

Blago verdict reached

Blago verdict today?

...while, on the other hand...

Gov. Christie shoots and scores on the non-Ground Zero Islamic center

A sad day

It's not a mosque, and it's not at Ground Zero

Why are pastors leaving the ministry in record numbers?

Shop at Target!

This has absolutely no significance at all, but...

Whose economic policies have been a disaster?

Dan Rostenkowski, 1928-2010

Iranian woman sentenced to stoning admitted to helping kill her husband- but claims torture

Blago jury deadlocked

Medved on gay "marriage"

Huh. Somebody apparently thinks the Blackhawks are better off with Turco rather than Niemi in the cage!

Now those nutty Iranians are after the lawyer

Hawks let Niemi walk, sign Turco