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Tolerant liberal Cusak calls for "satanic death" of those who disagree with him

Moonbat actor John Cusak further illustrated the hypocrisy of those who (quite correctly) criticize the over-the-top rhetoric of conservative extremists about President Obama when he said Sunday night on Twitter:

There is nothing new about hate speech by Far Left Hollywood types. It is, of course, as much protected by the First Amendment as that of their Far Right cousins whom, in their reverence for freedom of expression, they would like to silence. But it is distasteful nonetheless., no matter what the politics of the person who contaminates our civil discourse with it.

Hate is hate, fanaticism is fanaticism- and First Amendment or not, this sort of thing is profoundly distasteful to anybody with a shred of tolerance or decency, regardless of where he or she stands on the politica spectrum.

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Roger Ebert, liberal hypocrite

Michael C. Moynihan of Reasonherein deplores the hypocrisy of film critic Roger Ebert- the man who once panned the movie Luther partially on the ground that verbatim quotations from the historical figures portrayed in the film were not "believable" writing- for rightly deploring the rhetorical excesses of the Far Right, while cheering the Far Left when it does exactly the same kind of thing.

Such hypocricy, it should be said, seems to be a common failing of both political extremes, and both symptom and aggravator of the current incivility of our national political discourse.

A question for Glenn Beck

"America today begins to turn back to God," Glenn Beck said today to the crowd at the Washington Monument for his "I Have A Dream" speech commemorating the anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King's famous address at the same site.

A question, though, for Beck- a Mormon: what God? Yours? The Holy Trinity, whom Christians worship? Allah? Moloch? To Whom It May Concern?

True, there is only one God. But it does not follow logically that therefore even those who agree that there is only one God worship the same one god. In fact, the differences between the various deities even the monotheistic religions worship is so great as to preclude any such conclusion- if one is operating on the basis of logic rather than sentimentality, brain-dead Post-modernism, or the banal assumptions of Ophrahfied American Civil Religion.

I capitalize those last three words intentionally. It is my strong conviction that the American Civil Religion is in fact a religion in its own right- and on…

New York cabbie attacked with knife- for being a Muslim

A clean-cut young New Yorker got into a cab Tuesday night, asked the cabbie whether he was a Muslim- and when the cabbie answered in the affirmative, attacked him with a knife.

The comments on the story linked to display a familiar and depressing pattern in the midst of the controversy over the building of an Islamic Center two quarter-mile long blocks from Ground Zero: the reasoning that since the 9/11 attackers were Muslims, all Muslims are somehow to blame for 9/11.

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Huzzah for McCain!

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz), the man President Obama defeated for the White House two years ago, was supposed to be vulnerable to a primary challenge by the Far Right's J.D. Hayworth when he ran for re-election this year.

McCain wiped the floor with Hayworth in the GOP primary yesterday.

Maybe there's some hope for at least one of the parties in its ongoing battle to maintain contact with common sense and the American people. McCain's victory is a victory not only for him personally, but for the prospect of the American political system remaining in at least occasional contact with reality despite the attempt of the rigid ideologues on both ends of the spectum to send it spinning out of control into the farthest reaches of theoretical fantasy.

Kim Lehman should resign

Iowa Republican National Committeewoman Kim Lehman has publicly stated that she believes President Obama to be a Muslim.

She is an embarassment both to the Iowa Republican Party and to the state of Iowa itself. No sensible person will now be able to take anything she says seriously.

Ms. Lehman needs to resign.

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ADDENDUM: Here leaders of the Iowa Republican Party share their reactions to Ms. Lehman's silly statement.

Unfortunately, saying that only Mr. Obama knows whether he's a Muslim (he has repeatedly stated otherwise, and rather notoriously belonged to a radical congregation of the United Church of Christ headed by the racist, anti-American Rev. Jeremiah Wright for a quarter century), or that those who believe that Mr. Obama is a Muslim despite those denials are deserving of anybody's "respect" do nothing for the credibility of the Iowa Republican Party, and only make Iowa Republicans appear to be marginal wackos on a par with the sufferers of Bush Derang…

This much needs to be admitted

Opposing the building of the Cordoba Center because it is Islamic is sheer religious bigotry.

Opposing it because of rhetoric from its imam like this, however, is admittedly another matter:

The guy is nuts- and yes, rhetoric like this does call the appropriateness of the Cordoba Center's location into legitimate question.

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Religious bigotry in vogue

Bobby Ghosh asks "Does America have a problem with Muslims?," while the Baltimore Sun urges "Zero Tolerance for Mosque Demogoguery."

Meanwhile, the moderate imam of the proposed Cordoba center calls the opposition to its building "beyond Islamophobia."

ADDENDUM: But see the YouTube presentation above- which calls the moderation of that imam into serious question.

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Some depressing statistics

According to a new TIME poll, 24% of the American people think that President Obama is a Muslim.

28% believe that Muslims should be barred from sitting on the Supreme Court.

61% oppose the building of the Cordoba Center, a Muslim community center, two quarter mile-long blocks from Ground Zero (as if all Muslims ot Islam per se were responsible for 9/11).

On the other hand, there is some news which indicates that anti-Muslim bigotry may not as extensive as it might otherwise seem. For one thing, 55% say that most American Muslims are patriotic, and another 55% would not object to a mosque being built within two blocks of their own home.

At the same time, though, it's depressing that in each case a sizable 45% said otherwise.

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What the anti-Cordoba folks don't want you to know

Here's more on what the anti-Cordoba Place zealots don't want you to know- including the fact that there is already a mosque within three blocks of Ground Zero, and one actually inside the Pentagon!

Also, the article linked to contains a clarification on the confusion about the distance of the proposed Islamic Center from Ground Zero. It's two blocks away- but two very long blocks, actually five or six normal blocks- over half a mile.

Come off it, Madam Speaker

I've made it very clear that I don't think the notion that it is somehow insensitive to the families and friends of those who survived 9/11 to allow an Islamic community center to be built two blocks away from Ground Zero, at a site which can't even be seen from there, is either rational or readily distinguishable from a kind of Muslim-bashing which is repugnant to the spirit of the Bill of Rights.

Nevertheless, the theory espoused by the zany Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi- that opposition to the center represents some kind of evil conspiracy that needs to be investigated- is just as scary, if not more so.

If the debate over the Cordoba Center is artificial and politically motivated, fine. In fact, I rather think that it is exactly that. But I wish I had a dime for every trumped-up, phoney non-issue that Speaker Pelosi and her fellow left-wing extremists in and out of the Democratic party have inflicted on us over the past decade.

A sad day

This blog was born over at Blog Studio in the aftermath of the 2000 presidential election and the Democratic attempt to steal Florida and the election. It reached its peak during the 2004 campaign, when it was part of the most effective coalition of political blogs in history, Blogs for Bush- now Blogs for Victory.

Sadly, the same extremism, malice, and general venality that marked the behavior of so many Democrats during the Bush administration has become too commonplace among Republicans during the Obama administration to ignore. And I find myself fighting a two-front war now, against the Far Right as well as the Far Left. My belief that health care and other services which are beyond the reach of many Americans ought to be treated as human rights, guaranteed by the government when individual resources and the free market fails, has raised certain problems with my thinking of myself as a conservative, given popular definitions of the term on the Right; in fact, were it not for abort…

It's not a mosque, and it's not at Ground Zero

Cordoba House- the Islamic community center that is supposed to be built two blocks from Ground Zero at a location that cannot even be seen from there- has become a cause celebre among many on the Right and elsewhere on the political spectrum who simply don't know what they're talking about.

This is not about sensitivity to the victims of 9/11. This is about willful perversity on the part of those who object to the building of the center at a location not at Ground Zero- or even "a stone's throw" from Ground Zero. Again, t's two blocks away- and the two sites are not visible one to another.

So why should the construction of the Cordoba Center on the proposed site be offensive- especially since there's already an actual mosque only a block further from Ground Zero than the proposed site of the Center?

A friend who is adamently opposed to the construction of the Center points out that dust and DNA from the blast would have fallen there. This is true. But it se…

Why are pastors leaving the ministry in record numbers?

I don't think most pastors would have much trouble accounting for that. Neither would some thoughtful laypeople.

Suffice it to say that this isn't your grandfather's one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church anymore, to coin a phrase.

Instead of shepherds, guides, or representatives of authoritative tradition, clergy are increasingly seen as merchants, peddling entertainment and spiritual self-indulgence. If one's pastor does not see fit to cater to the wants of the Deified Individual (fallen nature and all), parishioners simply go down the street and become the customers of another purveyor of the same services, perhaps even if a different "brand."

It's a tough time to be a clergyman with integrity in America- or with the slightest regard for one's ordination oath. Scripture doesn't count anymore; the clearest biblical teachings are readily dismissed as "a matter of interpretation." Confessional teachings don't count, either; after all,…

Dan Rostenkowski, 1928-2010

For almost a decade and a half, Dan Rostenkowski- who preceeded Rod Blagojevich as the congressman from Illinois' Fifth District- was one of the most powerful men in America.

Not only was he a ward committeeman, boss of the 32nd Ward on the Northwest Side of Chicago- in itself no mean position- but from 1980 through his conviction in the House Post Office scandal in 1994, "Rosty" was the chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, which essentially decides who gets Federal funding, and how much. If you wanted Federal money, one way or another you had to go through Dan Rostenkowski.

A ferocious defender of Chicago's interests, Rostenkowski was well-liked even by his political opponents. Many Republicans and other opponents of the Daley regime genuinely mourned Rosty's disgrace. Even Machine critic Mike Royko- author of Boss: Richard J. Daley of Chicago, a nationaly best-selling indictment of the Cook County Democratic Organization and its leader, Mayor Daley- wr…

Iranian woman sentenced to stoning admitted to helping kill her husband- but claims torture

Sakineh Mohammadi-Ashtiani, the Iranian woman sentenced to death by stoning on charges of adultery, confessed on TV to being an accomplice in her husband's death- but says that she only did so after being tortured for two days.

She is under sentence for murder as well as adultery. The Iranian government has promised not to stone her "for the time being-" but reserves the right to hang her from a crane.

Blago jury deadlocked

The Federal jury trying former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich is deadlocked after eleven days, having made a "good faith" effort to reach a verdict, and having done so "without rancor."

An explanation of just what charges they're deadlocked on, and just how deadlocked they are, will probably be made at least to the judge anon.

Given the raw deal Blago got from the Illinois Senate, which convicted him on impeachment charges and removed him from office despite the fact that he was precluded from presenting evidence in his defense in the impeachment trial that would be used at his criminal trial, I'm personally pullng for an acquittal on all counts. Not that I have any particular brief for Blago, mind you, who is a world-class blowhard at best and a crook at worst. But for all the eagerness of the media to paint him as the latest in the long list of corrupt Illinois governors, the guy has always impressed me as more of a clown than a crook.

We'll know in comin…

Huh. Somebody apparently thinks the Blackhawks are better off with Turco rather than Niemi in the cage!

Bodog still lists the Hawks as the favorites to repeat as Stanley Cup champions next season.

They rank the top ten teams like this:

Chicago Blackhawks- 6:1
Pittsburgh Penguins- 13:2
Washington Capitals- 13:2
Vancouver Canucks- 10:1
Detroit Red Wings- 12:1
San Jose Sharks- 12:1
Boston Bruins- 14:1
New Jersey Devils- 15:1
Philadelphia Flyers- 15:1
Los Angeles Kings- 16:1

Agree or disagree- and I'm unfortunately somewhat skeptical about ranking the Hawks so highly, even though I think they'll still be among the contenders next season despite all the key players they've lost to the salary cap- I'm fascinated that the Bodog people apparently think that the Hawks have improved their chances of repeating by substituting Marty Turco for Antti Niemi.

Turco, of course, does have both more experience than Niemi, and a decent track record. And as somebody in my Blackhawks group pointed out in response to the decision to let Antti go, puck possession teams like the Hawks really don't need a…

Now those nutty Iranians are after the lawyer

There's good news (well, not really) and bad news.
First, the turbaned squirrels in Tehran have decided not to stone that woman accused of adultery after all- at least "for the time being." But they reserve the right to hang her.
But (or is that "and?") they want to arrest her lawyer for bringing her case to worldwide attention thorough his blog. He has fled to Norway.He hopes to be allowed to practice law in Iran again some day.

Hawks let Niemi walk, sign Turco

The sports betting site Bodog still lists the Blackhawks as the favorites, at 11-2, to repeat next year as Stanley Cup champions. But I"m having a hard time being as optimistic as I once was now that we've lost Versteeg, Ladd, Burish, Byfuglien, Frasier- and now, Antti Niemi.
The Hawks signed veteran Marty Turco today- a move which makes signng Niemi, whom an arbitrator had awarded $2.75 million for next year, financially impossible. Niemi now becomes an unrestricted free agent who- needless to say- will have no trouble getting even more from somebody, and probably rather quickly.
I wasn't convinced that Niemi, at this stage in his career, was ready to win a Stanley Cup. He proved me wrong. The question now is whether Turco- who has not been a bad goalie in the past, but who is a bit long in the tooth- can fill his pads next year.
I'm not optimistic. The Hawks will contend for the Cup again, and I'm gratified to see that they're still considered the favorites …