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Where the murderers are

Those who condemn Israel for fighting Hezbollah where it very intentionally is- in the midst of the Lebanese population, where collateral damage is inevitable- should take a look at these photos.

Meanwhile, this from the mother of an Israel soldier serving in Lebanon goes far to make the same point. Or does anyone really care to dispute that Hezbollah has deliberately chosen centers of civilian population from which to conduct military raids so that Israel would be blamed for simply fighting back?

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Can you say "brainwashed?"

Mitt Romney's description of the ongoing Big Dig fiasco as a "tar baby" was clearly not intended to be racist. But a strong case can be made that anybody who uses the term "tar baby" in this day and age is at least a tad insensitive in racial matters- and that's going to hurt.

The remark isn't going to go away, as sincere as Romney's apology is and as unintended as the racist connotations were. Sensitivity and political correctness are confused, but they aren't the same thing- and this was a sensitivity issue. Doubtless, though, given everything we know about Romney, it was also an uncharacteristic slip.

It will be interesting to see how open African-Americans are to that likely explaination.

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Iran to hang six men publicly

Robert Barnes, Martyr

Although this post is a few minutes too late, July 30 is the feast day of English Lutheran martyr Robert Barnes, burned at the stake by King Henry VIII (not nearly the hero of the Reformation Anglicans like to pretend) for teaching justification by grace, for Christ's sake, through faith alone.

Burns- "this blessed martyr, St. Robertus," Luther called him- died at Smithfield on July 30, 1540. His courage was responsible for the conversion of many of the bystanders to his execution.

"Precious to the Lord is the death of His saints."

Brownback is worth a look

Here is a look at another potential 2008 GOP candidate who perhaps is worth a look: Kansas Senator Sam Brownback.

Despite the ties of an influential member of his staff to the scary (though notDa Vinci Code-type scary) Catholic organization Opus Dei, this Catholic conservative seems to me to hit some major buttons right.

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Need I say more?

Cubs 6, Cardinals 3.

The Cubs won the 2005 season series between the teams 10-6. They lead the current season series, 9-3. To crunch the numbers (or rather, to rub it in a little) the Cubs have beaten the Red Birds 19 of the last 28 times they've played. a winning percentage of a mere .678. Had the Cubs played only the Cardinals last year, they- and not St. Louis- would have won the division going away.

The Cubs also lead the all-time historical series between the teams, 1,125-1,062.

St. Louis- a team clearly in decline, whom genius GM Walt Jocketty has patched together and kept in contention with chewing gum and bailing wire for the last couple of years- has a losing record inside the division generally, and could have been had this year. Perhaps the Reds will yet overtake them. Sadly, though, it should have been the Cubs- and would have been, if only Jim Hendry had understood the folly of assuming the health of Kerry Wood and Mark Prior, and of assuring sufficient offensive potenc…

The obvious defense

A friend of mine came up for an obvious explanation for Tour de France winner Floyd Landis's testosterone levels being three times the norm.

If the baseline measurements were taken from Frenchmen, of course the testosterone levels of a red-blooded American male would be three times as high!


The organization that says 'Nih!' to you

Now this is one silly article.

If it's true, as Fred Kaplan- who seems to blame Israel rather than Hezbollah for the current war in Lebanon, thereby telegraphing his lack of contact with reality- remarks (apparently unaware that he is, as my dad used to say, "leading with his chin) that "the most basic mission of the United Nations is to enforce international law," then the United Nations has failed in its most basic mission from the outset- and Ambassador Bolton's skepticism about the UN would seem to be vindicated. And whether or not Kaplan can overcome his delusions well enough to see it, in practice violations of international law around the world are either blithely ignored or allowed to pass with a mere shaking of the head- unless the United States (or Israel) is the alleged violator. In that case, the corrupt and ineffectual body with which Kaplan is so deeply in love goes into outrage mode.

The fact is that the UN is composed of largely totalitarian re…

Good for what ails us. Whatever ails us. Ever.

Playing the Cardinals is the one thing that can always be counted on to make the Cubs look good.

After dominating them last season, the Good Guys are 8-3 against the Dirty Birds again this year.

It's just a shame we have to play other teams...

Earth to al-Maliki critics!

There has been a great deal written about Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al- Maliki's one-sided criticism of Israel's current war of self defense.

This article may help the unthoughtful reflect upon the fact that the gentleman has an agenda other than international even-handedness right now: trying to keep the top from blowing off his own country.

Hello! Expecting an embattled Iraqi leader trying to keep a fragile democratic coalition operative and Sunni and Shi'ite from each other's throats to be a warm and enthusiastic supporter of Israel even now is rather naive when one reflects that taking any other course than Mr. Maliki has would likely spell the end of his government and push Iraq's fledgling democracy over the edge into utter ruin.

There may be some excuse for Howard Dean- who, after all, habitually speaks first and thinks later, if at all. But there are quite a few people criticizing Iraq's prime minister right now who really should have figured out someth…

The Mouth self-inserts a foot

Howard "The Mouth" Dean has compared Florida GOP Senate Katherine Harris to Stalin, accusing the Prime Minister of Iraq of being an anti-Semite... and then- incredibly- blamed the the Republicans and President Bush for being divisive!

Dean has been one of the most irresponsible, clownish, and over-the-top leaders of a party which has- as has been well-documented in this blog and elsewhere- opposed the current adminstration not, for the most part, by principled rebuttal of its policies, but largely through a non-stop avalanche of insults, personal attacks, and outright lies over the past six years. That strategy played no small role in the Party's defeat in 2004- and I'm happy to say that my favorite Democratic cartoon character, Howard Dean, hasn't learned his lesson.

The American people just don't go for that stuff. As long as Howard the Mouth remains around, George W. Bush still has his secret weapon.

No, Howard. It's not that President Bush has been …

George W. Bush: a better president than Bill Clinton

It became chic, once President Bush's popularity collapsed, for Democrats to cite polls indicating that most Americans held the odd opinion that Bill Clinton was a better president than Mr. Bush is.

As I've pointed out before, most of the struggles the incumbent has faced have been a matter of cleaning up his predecessor's messes. Clinton balanced the budget by gutting the military and the intelligence establishment (in no small measure paving the way for 9/11); Bush has had to restore the cuts- and the deficit with them. Clinton's anti-terrorism policy was wholly ineffectual and rather wimpish (his cruise missile attack on a place where Osama bin Laden had been half an hour before was probably the high point). On the other hand, we haven't had a successful terrorist attack by al Quaeda or anybody else on U.S. soil since 9/11. And it was Bush, not Clinton, to went to war in the Afghanistan, took out the Taliban, and aggressively pursued bin Laden.

Clinton, of course…

Time to crush the insurgency while we still can

Michael Goodwin is far more critical of President Bush than I am. But in terms of our strategyin Iraq, perhaps those of us who support the president should have been more critical of him all along.

Some tried. The situation in Iraq would be far different if Mr. Bush had listened to Colin Powell's advice. He choose to listen to Donald Rumsfeld instead- and has tried to win the war in on the cheap. But as Sec. Powell- who, after all, was once General Powell, one of the architects of our 1991 victory in Iraq- has so eloquently (and vainly) insisted all along, the way to win the current war is to crush the insurgency- to come down on it with such massive and overwhelming force that Baghdad simply isn't a safe place to be a Ba'athist or any other kind of Islamofascist, or a Muslim sectarian unwilling to live in peace with his neighbors of another sect. And if that means sending massive numbers of troops over there, so be it- and the sooner the later, because we're running o…

Bush didn't bake up that "yellowcake" story

Unable to resist gloating a little more about the utter collapse of the Left's attempt to blame Karl Rove (or, failing Rove, any available member of the administration) for David Corn's "outing" of Valerie Plame as a CIA operative (in the first paragraph of a column which claimed- wrongly- that Robert Novak had already done so), Christopher Hitchens goes on to destroy another malicious Leftist lie:
the notion that there was really no good reason to believe the Niger "yellow cake" story Joe Wilson, Plame's husband- at her suggestion- was sent to Africa to investigate in the first place.

It's not so much the revisionist history- from the notion that only post-1991 WMD's were the reason why President Bush went to war in Iraq, to the notion that WMD's of any kind were the only reason he gave, to the entire, wholly ficticious
and entirely malicious Plame name blame game- that amazes me.

It's that the people who repeat the slanders actually seem t…

Washington Supreme Court upholds gay "marriage" ban

Liberal Washington State's Supreme Courthas upheld the state's 1998 law defining marriage as marriage, rejecting the bizarre though common argument that gay couples are discriminated against by not being allowed to do something which, by its very definition, requires people of opposite genders.

Another blow to attempts to redefine society's most basic institution to fit the requirements of political correctness.

Jewish tradition, Christian tradition, logic- and bad exegesis

Here is a thoughtful and morally serious argument in favor of fetal stem cell research. That I find its reasoning dubious and its conclusions morally disastrous does not prevent me from admiring the effort by its author, Michael Rosen, to address the subject rationally and responsibly.

Rosen's argument leans heavily on the Jewish ethical tradition. I am, of course, in much the same position Rosen is in when he tries to conceptualize in terms of Christian theology; the best I can do is the best I can do, since I am, after all, dealing with a theological and ethical tradition other than my own. And ultimately, I am simply not a Jew, any more than Rosen is a Christian; while I can try to make my position comprehensible to those in the Jewish ethical tradition, what that tradition says is simply not the one that is decisive for me, any more than my tradition is decisive for Rosen.

Rosen's argument does not- thankfully- raise the red herring of what would become of embryos harvested,…

Wishful thinking by another of Rudy's fans

Here's a particularly silly piece of wishful thinking concerning the 2008 Republican Presidential nomination by an admirer of Rudy Giuliani, author Ryan Sager- a man who, oddly for a political writer, until the last few days did not know what a push-poll is.

We in Iowa know all about push polls. Iowa Democrats have been known to use them to great effect. In fact, if it hadn't been for a push-poll , Sen. Harkin would likely have lost his seat to Jim Ross Lightfoot back in 1996.

Sager's article made me think of Romney. Not Mitt. George, his dad. The guy who the polls all said was the front-runner for the 1968 Republican nomination at this point. All the polls said he was easily the most popular potential Republican candidate, and by far the strongest potential nominee in November. His candidacy, you may recall, didn't survive New Hampshire- and Richard Nixon won both the nomination and the election that year.

Whatever the polls say, the notion that Rudy Giuliani is a viab…

Who Israel is really fighting

As Richard Z. Chesnoff reminds us, we dare not lose track of who Israel is really fighting when it fights Hezbollah.

It's fighting Iran- which created Hesbollah, and which still calls the shots for it.

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It's happened again!

Every so often- in spite of himself- liberal columnist Richard Cohen of the Washington Post expresses a thought which is the essense of clear, indisputable common sense.

He's done it again- on the utter insanity of decrying Israel's response to the Hezbollah aggression as "disproportionate."

Funny how people never worry about "disproportionality" on the part of Hamas, or Hezbollah, or Hitler.

Time to get real, people. Israel is not without its faults, and not everything it has done in its history can reasonably be seen as a source of pride for a nation whose values are those of the Old Testament, and which shares the liberal democratic tradition in which we also stand (not that everything we have done has always been consistent with our own values, either). But anti-Israeli sentiment has at least one thing in common with holocaust revisionism: far more often than those who engage in it are willing to admit, their actual motivation is pure, simple, ugly anti-…

Clinton, Boxer campaign for Lieberman

In a clear demonstration of the point that irrational political positions do not necessarily indicate global insanity, former President Bill Clinton and extremist California Senator Barbara Boxer are campaigning in Connecticut for Senator Joe Lieberman.

Lieberman will almost certainly be re-elected as an independent should he lose his battle for re-nomination from cut-and-run artist Ned Lamont next month. Despite waxing Lamont's tail in their only debate ("I know George Bush. I've worked against George Bush. I've even run against George Bush. But Ned, I'm not George Bush. So why don't you stop running against him and have the courage and honesty to run against me and the facts of my record?"), Lieberman is opposed by large numbers of Connecticut Democrats- who lean moonbat- because he isn't in favor of abandoning Iraq to a bloodbath which would make Clinton's failure in Kosovo look like a triumph by comparison.

The only apparent explanation for the…

BREAKING NEWS: Hamas, Gaza terrorists to release Shalit?

Well imagine that! Standing up to bullies works- no matter how the malicious and the ill-informed of the world may insist otherwise!

Israeli newspaperHaaretz is reporting that the Palestinian groups involved in the kidnapping Gilad Shalit and other Israelis are now willing to accept an Egyptian proposal for a cease-fire with Israel which would involve their release.

No specific indication has been given as to whether Hezbollah- the terrorist group founded by the late Iranian strongman Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, and with which Israel is currently at war in Lebanon- is willing to go along with the new Palestinian position.

Haaretz's source is reportedly the Palestinian Agriculture Minister, Ibrahim Al-Naja. According to the report, Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas will brief U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on the current position of the various Palestinian groups with regard to the cease-fire during their meeting later today

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A strange notion of peace

There is something wrong with a newspaper who can describe an over-the-top moonbat who says that she would like to kill the President of the United States as merely "feisty."

There is something even wronger with a committee who would award this dingbat the Nobel Peace Prize.

I have to agree with Betty Williams: the decision to award her the prize seems a rather odd one.

Now here is an interesting idea

If- as seems quite possible- the self-destructive ideological purists in the Democratic Party reject Joe Lieberman and nominate this Lamont dude instead, Lieberman will very likely
be re-elected as an independent.

Wouldn't it be interesting thereafter if, say. McCain or Romney or Allen or Huckabee picked him to run for vice-president again- this time as a Republican?

That would be a signing on the level of picking up Albert Pujols on waivers- after about as stupid a move on the Democrats' part as the Cardinals' outrighting him would be.

Various other tests say that I'm...

1. Somewhere on the political spectrum between "Poppy" Bush and Jack Kemp;

2. The type of person who would feel most comfortable as a member of the:

1) Natural Law Party 70% (absolutely nuts)
2) Republican Party 60%
3) Green Party 60% (huh?)
4) Democratic Party 55% (I think not.)
5) Reform Party 55% (Unlikely.)
6) Constitution Party 55% (I doubt it!)
7) Libertarian Party 30% (That high?)

3. A Republican rather than a Democrat- though I refused to answer the first two questions on this test on the ground that they are dumb;

4. My top result for the selector, POLITICAL PHILOSOPHY--determine your philosophy, is American "Conservative" (some stupid questions, but better than most);
5. Exactly on the border between being a Liberal and a Statist (lots of stupid, badly phrased, misleading, and hard-to-interpret questions!)

6. A True Believer in President Bush (Ok.)

7. "You are a solid Republican. You are not as fiercely ideologica…

Interesting test

Not sure I totally agree with that chart, but here are my results:

You are a
Social Moderate
(41% permissive)

and an...
Economic Liberal
(33% permissive)

You are best described as a:


Link: The Politics Test on Ok Cupid
Also: The OkCupid Dating Persona Test

Israel is losing

Ralph Peters is right.

Israel is losing the current war.

Every moment that it continues a rocket and air attack on the military resources of Hezbollah in Lebanon which effect civilians- however unintentionally- is a victory for Hezbollah, and for terrorism- and a defeat for one of the two democracies in the Middle East (Iraq being the other).

We learned the hard way in Vietnam and again in our own current war in Iraq that wars cannot be won by remote control. Air power alone is not enough, discredited Air Force doctrine from the post-World War II era to the contrary. Tragically, Israel has apparently not heeded that lesson, and as a result is playing into the hands of its enemies.

The land invasion needs to be underway as soon as possible. It needs to be massive. It needs to be overwhelming. And it needs to be combined with as close to a cessation of rocket and air attacks as is compatible with the safety of the invading Israeli troops.

Peters article ticks off a number of other ways in wh…

Ok, I'll agree: Israel needs to distinguish between weakness and complicity

The government of Lebanon is not a supporter of Hezbollah, and its use of the country as a base for terrorist attacks on Israel is due, not to the government's complicity, but to its weakness.

We are right to support Israel's ongoing attempt to defend itself against the Iranian-founded terrorist organization, and to degrade Hezbollah's military capacity. But as David Ignatius writes, we also need to support the Lebanese government- and to exert all of our influence to prevent Israel's war on Hezbollah from affecting the Lebanese people more than it needs to.

You can't destroy bases and rocket launching sites by missile or by air without collateral damage. But Israel needs to hold itself responsible for unnecessary damage- and we need to hold it responsible, too.

I continue to maintain that Israel is reacting in the only possible way to the continued provocation. No government can stand idly by while a neighboring country- however benign its putative government- is u…

Are the Chinese going us one better?

In the United States, advocates of fetal stem cell research favor the use of human embroyos, in effect, for spare parts. But the Chinese seem to have gone us one better. Their government is profiting handsomely by the international sale of adult human organs. Where they come from is a matter of international concern.

One doctor reportedly told a potential customer that his hospital had ten "beating hearts" currently available for transplant.

China- ruled by history's most murderous regime- is also one of the world's most closed societies. As a result, verification of the persistent reports that China is murdering members of the Falun Gong sect and selling their internal organs on the international market is very difficult. A matter of weeks, for example, after Chinese dissidents began reporting that inmates (or "patients," as the PRC and its apologists would prefer) were being transferred from the closely-guarded hospital at Sunjiatun- where the involuntary …

Of Rodney King and Neville Chamberlain

American democracy is hampered by the failings of our educational system. It's not just that Americans have increasing difficulty reading, writing, and doing sums without a calculator; even more fundamentally, we, as a people, have a degree of difficulty unprecidented in our history in simply thinking logically.

True, part of the problem is the degree to which emotion has filled the place once occupied by reason in our approach to the world. But our increasing national distain for logic has also resulted in an increasing inability to use logic as a tool.

"Peace movements" and pacifism generally are to a considerable extent manifestations of these two, related failings. The leading political, philosophical and even theological light of our time seems to be, of all people, Rodney King, and our politics, worldview, and faith more and more seem to boil down to a simple-minded "Can't we all just get along?"

Well, in a word, no. There are evil people with ugly ambit…

Why we haven't found ET

The Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI) has been studying the heavens for radio signals from other civilizations in our galaxy for forty-six years. But even in the days when the search was conducted with a big budget and equally big radio telescopes (currently it's crunching its data largely through a special screen saver which allows laymen like us to let the program use the resourcesour PC's during downtime), not much of the galaxy has actually been searched.

Besides, there might well be reasons why we're not getting signals from ET even if he's out there.

Absence of evidence, as someone once said, isn't evidence of absence.

It was ever thus

One of the things handicapping democracies in the conduct of international affairs is that electorates tend to have consciences.

This is very far from a bad thing. But it does sometimes prevent them from doing what needs to be done, when it needs to be done- and may ultimately lead to those electorates having more on their consciences than might be strictly necessary.

One of our outstanding experts on the Middle East, Daniel Pipes, applies this lesson to Israel's current war.

Save the planet. Invade a country.

One of my favorite South Park episodes involved the environmental hazard posed by a massive cloud of "smug" resulting from the decision of all of the town's residents to buy environmentally-friendly hybrid cars.

Well, they needn't have bothered. It seems that there's a much better choice than a hybrid, from an environmental point of view.

It's called a Hummer.

Just think of the contribution to the battle against global warming being made by the war in Iraq!

Clinton's failed war

Remember Kosovo?

Clinton's war- like the war in Iraq, never approved by the UN- was an abject failure- and ethnic cleansing continues.

At least one once and future Democratic presidential hopeful- Gen. Wesley Clark, who was our commander in Kosovo- has built a political career out of that failure. Gen. Clark's defining moment was when he actually ordered a British officer to attack Russian troops who were obstructing NATO forces, only to be told in rather pungent but unmistakable terms by the (thankfully) insubordinate Brit that he was "not about to start !@#&*!! World War III!"

We seldom hear in the MSM about Bill Clinton's wimpish pursuit of Osama bin Laden, who even then had murdered American Marines and blown a gaping hole in the U.S.S. Cole- a pursuit which consisted essentially of launching a cruise missile at a place where Osama had been half an hour earlier. We never hear about how Clinton's savaging of the defense budget and the resources of the int…

Darn! We missed it!

Hans Peter Niesward of the Department of Gravitationsphysik of the ISA in Munich says that we could have stopped global warming if we had all jumped into the air at 11:39:13 GMT today, thereby slightly altering the Earth's orbit and saving the planet.

He wanted bloggers to discuss the project, and it apparently was discussed at some length at certain environmental sites. Sad to say, I didn't learn about World Jump Day until it was too late, so I was unable to either jump myself or encourage you do do so. But he's doing the math now, and will soon tell us at the World Jump Day website whether it worked.

Oh. One more thing: Niesward doesn't really exist. He's actually Torsten Lauschmann, a German-born artist living in Scotland- and the idea is every bit as nutty as it sounds.

An African missionary to America

When I was in seminary, a Nigerian roommate of mine seriously proposed that the day would come before very long when African Christians would be sending missionaries to America.

He was right.

I've already blogged about heroic Kenyan Lutheran Bishop Walter Obare, who lost his position with the inappropriately named Lutheran World Federation for consecrating a bishop to serve members of Sweden's increasingly pagan state "church" who wanted to remain Christians in some reasonably coherent sense. It is no secret that it is the African members of the Anglican Communion who are speaking out faithfully in the face of the increasing apostasy in their own tradition, especially in America's Episcopal Church.

A conservative priest from a church from Fairfax, Virginia- my stomping grounds from my brief period living in the Washington, D.C. area a couple of years back- has been elected by the 18 million member Nigerian Anglican church to serve as bishop to a handful of congre…

The real agenda of fetal stem cell advocates

All the hypocritical talk by proponents of fetal stem cell research about saving lives and improving their quality and not being "anti-science" is ringing pretty hollow today.

Kathryn Jean Lopez points out that on Tuesday, they succeeded in killing a bill that would have funded the study of alternative approaches to stem cell therapy that would not necessitate the destruction of human embryos.

Ms. Lopez also points out a curious "creep" in the position of stem-cell advocates from a mere willingness to work with embryos which would have been destroyed anyway to... well, read the article. Suffice it to say that at this point it's pretty clear that helping sick and disabled people is not the real agenda here. The real agenda is to make the destruction of human embryos something which is generally accepted without even a qualm.

It's worth noting that when Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney attempted to reach a compromise on the issue by agreeing to stem cell research…

The President chooses life

President Bush is to be commended for vetoing the fetal stem cell bill. As he rightly said in his veto message, "Children should not be used for spare parts."

It's easy, though, to understand the other side. Nancy Reagan- one of the most visible pro-stem cell research advocates- believes that a cure might be found for Alzheimer's Disease- the sickness which took first the mind and then the life of the greatest president of the last half of the Twentieth Century. Sufferers from a myriad of illnesses have been promised relief- if only we benighted social conservatives could get over the notion that to cannibalize even nascent members of our own species for spare parts is to pay too high a moral price for whatever good might theoretically come of it.

And- as Michael Fumento observes-that good might not only be much overblown, but there may well be morally less costly alternatives which will work just as well. Other forms of stem cell, which do not require the ending of ev…

The AALC on the Holy Spirit

In the past, I've been highly critical of the American Association of Lutheran Churches for its charismatic inclinations, among other doctrinal problems. There have been those who have suggested that the doctrinal deficiencies of the past have been remedied. I have been skeptical, and still am.

But the current statement of the AALC on the Holy Spirit is certainly promising.

Other doctrinal deficiencies- like the practice of permitting its congregations to practice open communion- seem to remain, and it is still very disturbing to say the least that the Missouri Synod and the AALC seem to be on a path to intercommunion while they do. Of course, Missouri Synod District Presidents cannot, as we all know, be counted upon to enforce LCMS policy on this matter, either. But it certainly appears that the AALC has cleaned up its charismatic problem, and for that I can only thank God.

ADDENDUM: Never mind. Just check this piece of unscriptural, un-Lutheran heresy out.

The Missouri Synod woul…

Buchanan says the Israelis are "un-Christian"

Anti-Semitic isolationist Pat Buchananis just the kind of perverse individual to which I refer in my post below.

He says that Israel's defense of itself against those rockets and terror attacks coming across the border from Lebanon is un-Christian.

Israel is un-Christian. Imagine that!

"Where are the Christians?," Pat asks. The answer: On the side of what is right- opposing you guys on the side of darkness, Pat.

HT: Drudge

Blaming the victim

This piece of nonsense by UCLA literature professor Saree Makdisi is one of the most morally perverse things I've recently read- and given the verbosity of the Left these days, that says a lot!

For Lebanon to permit Hezbollah to use its territory as a base of operations against Israel is an act of war. It has been waging that war for some time. Israel is fighting back- and for Makdisi, that is an unforgivable sin.

The moral difference between Israel and its opponents is something Makdisi cannot bear to admit. Indeed, he conceals it by taking refuge in an outright lie:

Israel warned the entire population of southern Lebanon to leave. No Arab can forget that terrorizing an entire population from it s homes is the tactic that was used to seize possession of Palestine in the spring and summer of 1948. Not everyone will leave. Many will reject Israel's imperious warnings- what right, they will ask, does Israel have to terrify us into flight from our homes? In any case, most have now…