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Bush or no Bush, Rubio may announce for President on April 13

Iranian defector: U.S. delegation's goal in nuke negotiations is to 'speak on behalf of Iran'

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I dare you

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Having your cake, eating it too, and eating it again tomorrow

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Yes- but how serious are you?

We are apparently a nation of idolaters

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Update on 2016

The Presbyterians rebel against both human and divine law

God: "Now that I have your attention..."

John Stossel writes about Chicago on the brink of disaster

Poll: nearly two-thirds say Ferguson-type incidents are overreported


A replay of my annual rant: a four-leaf clover is NOT a shamrock!

New study documents pro-Obama media bias in 2012

Gore wants to "punish" climate change deniers

We need honesty about our differences where homosexuality is concerned

Good news about our culture, for a change

Oh, to be in Chicago, now that election time is here!

The ultimate liberal 'argument:' "You're stupid."

Sometimes it's kind to be judgmental

The difference between "priest," "minister," and "pastor"

Not the way it works

Study: too many studies are being done

Pope Francis hints that he, too. may resign

Rasmussen poll: Voters think America's prestige has suffered under Obama

How Barack Obama undercut George Bush's nuclear negotiations with Iran

Federal government hires imam who advocates death for apostates to teach Islam in prison

I've kind of sensed this for quite a while now....

Climate change? Sure. For many millenia now....

And now, it's open season on Ferguson cops

Conservative big corporations?

Don't look now, but "Chuy" Garcia is probably Chicago's next mayor

'Evangelical atheists?'

Black pastors condemn Obama's equation of marriage redefinition with civil rights

Emanuel clings to narrow lead in rare close Chicago mayoral race

Clinton Foundation accepted millions from woman-abusing regimes

Time to lose our illusions about Vladimir Putin- and that 'reset'

Should unconstitutional rulings by SCOTUS simply be ignored?

Mysterious anti-Hillary push-poll in Iowa

Do we really want a candidate with courage and integrity?

Kane or no Kane, odds-makers still favor the Blackhawks to win the Stanley Cup

A musical prophesy?

Gore redux?

Coming soon to a Federal court near you

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Saudi blogger may face execution

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