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Speaks for itself

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Iran holds British hostages kidnapped in Iraq

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Lovable winners

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Abortion as an art form?

"Lie, lie, lie...."

Barack Obama is misrepresenting John McCain's positions AGAIN!

"Smarter than a Fifth Grader" gives the wrong answer on the closest galaxy to ours

In case you haven't heard...

The "right answer" was wrong

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Ben Stein takes on the Darwinists- and other intellectual phonies

And elitists, after all, is what the Democrats are

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Wolfe Tone and today

Jimmy Carter continues to meddle in U.S. foreign policy

Celebrating media bias

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IOC threatens athletes with Olympic ouster if they engage in anti-Chinese 'propagada'

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Or maybe we're hallucinating?

Hefty, hefty hefty vs. wimpy, wimpy wimpy?

If only the Chinese were Aryans, Hitler would have been proud

Try again, Mr. Axelrod

Greenspan endorses McCain

Charlton Heston is gathered to his fathers

Happy Tartan Day!

President Kieschnick doesn't get away with it

Mollie responds

In case you missed it...

Imagine that.


Romney leads Palin by 2-to-1 in my VP poll

Barak Obama is a what?!

Chinese human rights activist Hu jailed in preparation for Olympics

H.G. Wells' nightmare comes true

This is just wrong

Hawks to televise ALL games next season!

Kieschnick spins the "Issues, Etc." mess